Chapter 5 – True Self

"There are no longer any shades of grey. Everything is clear what is about o happen. They don't know what they a fucking with, who. Release what you are Jack, show them who you really are, what. Elude this fog of conscience and do what you really need to do, not what you think you need to do. BE WHAT YOU ARE!"

"Freeze!" Jack instantly rolled away, moving quickly out of the flares light. The figures with the weapons fired at him, but missed widely. Adam fired back and one of the figures was hit in the shoulder. Red blood poured out, showing that they were human.

"Don't move, mother fucker!" Adam yelled, his pistol aiming from person to person.

"Son, put that weapon down before you hurt anyone else." The man with the flare ordered. He had a thick American accent.

"Who the fuck do you think you are? Do not fucking tell me what to do." Adam growled, waving the gun around. Michael aimed at the man with the flare.

"I got flare man." He said loudly. While they were in a standoff, Jack slipped around in the darkness, hoping he didn't knock anything over. He somehow managed to get behind the men and slowly crept forward. He drew out the alien pistol and raised it.

"Don't fucking move." He said slowly, trying to imitate a baritone voice. Flare man twitched but didn't turn.

"Listen kid, we're here to help you." He said.

"First off, I'm fucking seventeen, do not call me kid. Second, just because you're American does NOT mean you can order us around. You have no authority up here." Jack growled deeply. One of the men slowly turned around.

"Don't make me shoot you." Jack said, aiming the gun at him.

"You won't shoot me. You've never killed anything in your life." The man replied.

"Jenkins." Flare said. Jenkins took a step forward. "Jenkins!"

"Go ahead kid, shoot me." He teased. Jack shrugged and pulled the trigger. One of the green things spat out of the end and impacted against his chest. Jenkins stumbled back slightly, but didn't fall, or even bleed. A green goo was left on his army jacket.

"A fucking paint gun?" He cried out, looking at the green stuff. Jenkins walked forward towards Jack then suddenly stopped. An acrid smell filled the area.

"The hell is that?" Flare asked, looking around. Adam and Michael slowly lowered their weapons, also smelling it. Jenkins looked down at the goo and screamed. The goo was expanding and burning. It looked like it was a splatter of acid getting rapidly bigger. And it was expanding in a spherical shape. It burned though Jenkins; all the time screaming as the smell of burning clothes and flesh filled the area. After a minute all that was left was a pile of smouldering ash. Flare stared in shock then at Jack.

"You son of a bitch!" He yelled, spinning around and moving towards Jack. He looked elderly, like he had seen too many mornings, fought in too many wars. Jack shifted the pistol to him.

"Don't make me kill you too, grandpa." He growled.

"Maybe we could take the time to talk about this?" Jess called out, stepping forward. Flare dropped it and pulled out another flare. He lit it ad tossed it onto the ground. Jack slowly walked past him, his feet going through the pile of Jenkins and walked over to the others.

"Okay, first, everyone lower their goddamn guns." Michael said, lowering his own until he was only holding onto the handle. The soldiers lowered their rifles, ranging from assault rifles to a sniper, a large one. A couple of the soldiers also had pistols attached to their belts.

"Okay, we're not going to get anywhere if we're going to argue over shit. Okay, so Jack shot one of your guys. Big deal, we've also lost people to these fuckers. That's enough. First, we are going to need to work together if we want to get out of here alive. Second, Flare man? You are no longer in charge. You can order your men around, but not us; we aren't part of your team." Adam explained.

"Fine by me then." Flare said. "I say time for introductions. I'm Sergeant Blake Withers." Jack chuckled at the name 'Blake', his own last name. He then began to introduce the rest of the soldiers. There were five in all, excluding the pile of Jenkins.

"This here is Mac Higgins." Blake pointed at a man holding a M16, a pistol strapped to his leg and a couple of grenades in his belt.

"Sam Fisher, our marksman and stealth operator. He can be handy in a quiet spot, if you know what I mean." Fisher was holding a Beretta M82, surprising since he was into stealth.

"Liam McCarthy. The guy with the explosives." He was holding another M16 and had a large pack on his back, presumably filled with explosive material.

"Steven Matthews, John Kelly and Richard Anderson are our standard riflemen. You know, the ones that go in and shoot anything they see that isn't ally." Jack and Adam both raised their eyebrows.

"Okay I'm Jack Blake, this is Adam Shafe, Michael Grant and Jessica Carlton, goes by Jess. We're the ones that shoot anything and scream in hopeless situations." Jack explained. Jess hit him. "Kidding," referring to the screaming joke since she was female.

"Just out of curiosity, and by looking at those guns. Have many aliens have you guys killed?" Adam asked.

"A few. But they take a hell of a lot of fire before they go down. How many have you got?" Blake replied.

"A few. Their weapons seemed to work well on them, especially that one." Adam answered, pointing at Michaels one. "We haven't tried that acid pistol on any aliens though. Oh, and sorry about your man."

Blake nodded, "It's okay. He was gonna be fired anyway, won't go into any more detail."

"Uh, I'm sorry to interrupt this lovely conversation, but isn't there something we should be worrying about?" Jess asked. They all looked at her.

"Like?" Adam asked.

"Like finding out how to get out of here, and where in hell are we? We are in a huge room with an infinite amount of darkness in case you hadn't noticed." She explained.

"Well missy. Before you guys arrived in such an amazing way, we were about to solve that solution." Matthews stated.

"Okay, one. Do not call me 'missy' unless you want to become a eunuch. Two, solve the solution? Did you do English at school by any chance?" Jess snapped. Matthews stepped forward, as did Jess.

"Jesus Christ, can we cut the shit?" Adam yelled out. Matthews backed down but Jess didn't move. "Jess?" She slowly stepped back, her eyes on Matthews. He then pulled out a gun with a large barrel. He held it up and pulled the trigger. The flare inside the flare gun flew into the air away from them and ignited in a magnesium burst. Light filled the room, which suddenly turned into a huge cavern. There were no tubes lines up on the wall, one above another, instead there were large machines, one about the other. They looked like the flying dart-like ships that had attacked Michael, Jack and Adam on the way to Amanda's.

"What the hell are those?" Jess asked quietly.

"Those are space fighters." Jack replied.

"Space fighters? Kid, stop watching Star Trek. These are some form of weapons, like a phaser or something." Matthews muttered. Adam and Jack stared at him, both fond fans of Star Trek.

"First off, phasers? Have you ever watched Star Trek before? These look nothing like damn phasers. Second, we know they're ships because we were attacked by three of these before being taken onto this ship." Jack retorted.

"Matthews, shut it." Blake barked.

"Yes sir." Matthews replied.

The flare went out and Mathews fired another. It continued along its arc before it was suddenly shot out, a energy ball impacting against it. there was a flash of white and then blackness.

"Fuck!" Jack muttered, darkness descending on them again, now with the threat of aliens present. There was a sound of claws hitting ground., and then more. Everyone moved back into the light of the flares on the ground.

"Okay, what do we do now?" Adam asked. Matthews yelling answered him and being pulled into the darkness, a line of blood spitting from his mouth and onto the floor. Everyone quickly moved away from where he had been standing and moved closer to the remaining flare on the ground.

"What are we going to do?" Jess asked, panicking. Blake reached down and pulled out a pistol, giving it to her. Jess took the pistol with hesitation.

"Okay, human weapons take a shit load to kill these fuckers. But if you get the chance, get one of theirs. They are vulnerable to their own technology." Blake called out. Jack looked around and saw Fisher take a large pair of goggles from his pack behind him and put them on. He clicked something and there was a sound of something powering up.

"Night vision? You got anymore?" Jack asked. Fisher looked at him.

"No." He replied in a low voice, a deep voice. He then raised his rifle and looked through the scope. The light flickered and Jack looked back, noticing the flare was dying.

"Ah shit." He signed. Jack turned back and raised his rifle, the alien pistol tucked away. The light disappeared all together and two sounds wafted through the air. The first was Jess, sniffing in fear in the darkness. The second was an alien growling, not more than two meters from Jack.

"Open fire!" Blake yelled. Everyone fired at the same time. Assault rifles blared and the flashes lit up the immediate area, which was chocked with aliens. Fisher fired his rifle and an alien's arm was blown off as the .50 Cal round sliced through it. He fired again and the alien's head was thrown back, the rest of the body falling to the ground. Jack, Michael and Adam all fired at the same time, aliens rounds and human rounds impacting in the same aliens.

"Mother fuckers!" Adam yelled, spinning around in a ninety-degree angle and shooting anything he saw. Jess managed to regain her mind and began to fire too. Her first three shots landed right in the face of an alien, which continued to charge. It suddenly fell, its legs blown off as Fisher covered her. The light flashed, almost burning Jacks eyes from the rapid change from light to darkness and then back to light. Blake managed to get another flare going and tossed it forward. The aliens scattered, not knowing what it was, converging in one spot. McCarthy primed a grenade and rolled it along the ground. The aliens realised the flare wasn't dangerous and began to move.

"Don't move!" Jack yelled, firing the rifle at them. They moved back and the grenade exploded, throwing tem into the air, killing a couple instantly.

"Head towards the ships!" Blake barked. Everyone fired at the aliens, moving in the direction the hips had been in. Kelly grabbed the flare gun from the ground sporting Matthews's blood and fired it into the air. The ships were slowly getting closer, and the aliens were fewer by fewer and Jack and Michael easily mowed them down with their own weapons. For some reason, these ones weren't armed, and didn't look like they planned on trying to kill them. They took advantage of this and shot them, killing as many aliens as they could. Suddenly, Jacks rifle stopped working. The red sphere at the end was empty. But the gun began to glow a green colour, and it began to gain heat rapidly. Jack dropped it and kept running. He looked back and saw it explode in a ball of green and blue flame. Now, only three aliens were left, still charging after them. Jack pulled out his pistol and fired three times, hitting each alien. They kept running as they slowly melted. Kelly fired the flare gun again and the ships were illuminated, only a few meters away. They were hanging vertically on the wall, and looked like nothing was holding them on.

"So how do we get in them?" Michael asked. A switch on the wall not far off caught Jacks eye. He turned and moved towards it and without thinking, pressed the button. He looked back at the ships, expecting them to move, but instead, a portal opened up next to the switch, against the wall. Jack stuck his head through and saw no life, apart from the ship itself. The portal led into what looked like a throne room.

"Guys, I think I found a way out of here." Jack called out. The flare died away and all that was visible was Jacks silhouette against the light coming from the other side of the portal. Everyone moved towards it, Fisher covering the rear with the goggles and the sniper rifle. Everyone passed through the portal and looked around the room. There was a path leading from a large door to a set of stairs, a large chair at the top.

"This could be their leaders area." Blake said quietly. The room itself was large, with curtains of thin fleshy material hanging down, offering a form of cover. There was a lot of it hanging down, and large barrels seemed to line one of the walls. Jack decided not to investigate what was inside when a decaying smell pierced his nose as he got close to them. Jack looked at the alien pistol and decided to pocket it, since it fired at a slow pace and if there were a lot of aliens, it would be not very effective if overpowered.

"Blake, have you got any other weapons I could use?" Jack asked. Blake nodded and opened his pack.

"Sure, I keep this just in case," He replied, pulling out a black sawn-off shotgun. He then pulled out a load of shells, which Jack pocketed.

"Thanks, man." Jack said, loading two shells in. He snapped it shut and a whirring sound filled the large room. The doors at the end of the room slowly parted, and everyone hid, most of the others went behind the barrels of decay, but Jack, Adam and Fisher stayed hidden amongst the curtains. Fisher ripped off the goggles and had to old the rifle upright, stopping it from poking out against the flesh or the barrel outside of the curtains. Jack pressed up against a flesh curtain and looked through it, since it was thin enough for him to see. A large alien, like the standard elite aliens, the ones with the guns and invading forces, walked forward, what looked like a cape dragging behind it. More aliens followed the first; these ones smaller and looked like the safer ones, the ones that had experimented on Jack, Michael and Adam. Thankfully, the aliens hadn't fully ripped he memories from them, only temporarily blocked them from their own mind. Amanda came flooding back into Jacks mind, and he felt anger and hatred course though his veins. He moved his head slightly and looked around the corner of the curtain. The head alien turned around slightly, giving Jack a view at the side of its face. It had a deep gash in the side on its face, and one of the eyes looked partially damaged.

"Son of a bitch." Jack breathed. Adam also risked a look and he got a view of the alien as well.

"Is that the leader?" Fisher whispered wondering at the two others intense curiosity and movement.

"Yeah, and it's also the one that killed just about all of Amanda's family, including her." Jack growled. Adam flinched slightly at the remembrance of it. Fisher just shrugged. The safer aliens moved up as the leader sat down in its chair, tubes came out and instantly attached themselves all over its body. They began to move as the clear tubes were filled with a red liquid, which was then injected into the alien's body.

"It lives off our blood." Adam whispered, the first to realise that it was blood in the tubes.

"Fisher, have you or the others got any explosives on you?" Jack asked. Fisher nodded.

"Yeah, McCarthy has a load, probably enough to blow a sizable chunk out of the ship. At least cause it to become temporarily inoperable. Should be long enough for someone on Earth to nuke this thing." He explained. Jack thought for a moment. Adam slowly moved over to him.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" He asked. Jack nodded.

"Yeah, we blow the shit out of this place. Thing is, there's no way we could survive." He answered. Adam thought for a moment.

"Well, from the look of things, there isn't much of a chance of that happening anyway." He muttered depressingly.

"Fuck." Jack cursed, thinking of what to do. Then he snapped. "No, fuck it." Adam looked at him.

"What?" He asked, not sure on what Jack was meaning. But he didn't get an answer as Jack turned around and ripped the fleshy curtain away. He raised the sawn-off and pulled the trigger. The gun shuddered violently and the pellets spat out of the end, slamming into a safer alien. It collapsed, a large portion of t against the wall behind.

"Mother fuckers!" He yelled, firing again. The pellets raced towards the leader but it ripped the rubes out and saw halfway rolling down the stairs as its chair exploded. Jack followed and fired his weapon, bullets slamming into aliens. Fisher moved over and fired his rifle; the room filled with a loud boom and an aliens leg was blown off, the creature falling to the floor. Jack reloaded and pointed the gun at the alien. It screamed and he pulled the trigger, blue blood splattering the leader, who was trying to get away. Behind the barrels in a barrage of gunfire, alien energy balls slamming into aliens as well as bullets, zipping through the air.

"What the hell are we doing?" Blake yelled, running over to Jack and firing his weapon. He looked back and saw Blake behind him.

"We're going to kill as much as we can, then get McCarthy to set off all his explosives in two minutes. It's too late for us to get out of here." Jack yelled over the gunfire. Blake's face changed, realising the situation they had gotten themselves into. Jack emptied the shotgun then reloaded. He looked around and saw the doors open, the leader rushing out, its cape falling to the ground. Jess was aiming her pistol and firing randomly, whereas Michael was shooting anything he saw that wasn't human. Jack ran after the leader, loading two more shells in. He looked back for a second and saw McCarthy on the ground, doing something inside his pack. He kept running and saw the alien cornered in a dead end. It turned around and stared at Jack, who raised his gun. Jack fired twice, and pellets ripped and tore at the alien, but it didn't fall. It moved closer, its claws extending.

"Yes, Jack. This is how it goes. Kill everything including yourself. Everything must die; it's how we work together, bound. Do what you truly want and kill. KILL THEM ALL!"

Jack suddenly took a step back, realising what he was doing. The alien suddenly also stopped, realising Jack wasn't doing anything, not even reloading.

"Oh god…what have I done?" He asked himself, staring at the alien. The shotgun slipped from his fingers and he stared at the alien, tears starting to flow down his face. The alien continued to look at him, its head to one side. Jack felt the ground rumble and realised the explosives had just gone off. Everyone in the throne room was dead, and he was about to be as well. The alien slowly walked towards Jack and extended its claw, but not in a hostile way. Jack stared at the alien, not knowing what to do. The alien waved its other hand an a portal appeared, a dark but visible room on the other side, a dark thrown room which was empty apart from a chair, stairs and barrels. He realised what the alien wanted. It was saving itself and also him, probably just to kill him on the other side. Jack took a step back, away from the creature. It didn't move for a second, then hurried into the portal, which disappeared a few seconds later. Jack turned around and felt a wave of heat hit him, a wall of fire not far away and getting closer very quickly.

"No…" He whispered, realising what he had caused.

The middle of the alien ship seemed to fold in on itself, as a tear in the side occurred. From an observer on the outside, it looked like the ship was losing power, lights all over flickering on and off. The ship itself was currently hovering over America, and when it seemed to stop moving, no more alien beams or ships, they took their chance. Not only America, but also China, Russia and Iraq all fired their nuclear missiles into space, all on course for the alien ship. The explosion was immense; sending a shockwave deep into the planet felt everywhere. The ship itself was hurtled away from the plane in a blazing ball of dying fire and smouldering metal. Most of the flesh, which was on the inside, froze instantly when the atmosphere inside dissipated.

Okay…shit ending, real shit ending, I know. I was sitting here and couldn't think of where it could go without doing a 'Unholy Trinity' on me. So I ended it. Well, at least I can get onto two more stories; one will be a medium one, a zombie one, and a long one, which takes place in a prison called Stillwater.