Since I was a little girl I've had very graphic and bloody nightmares. There common though now though they still disturb me some. It makes me almost afraid to sleep. I've taken to keeping a dream dairy lately and I thought I might be able to turn it into something positive by making it into a series of one shots.

So here it goes!

Nightmare Since Ever:

Alligators or Crocodiles?

It was six o'clock at night and a young, brunette woman in her thirties walked to the bottom half of the stairs leading to the upper half of their condo and called up to her daughter,"Kelly! Come down stairs, everyone's waiting for you!"

"Alright!" Was the reply. The sound of small feet hurrying down the stairs was heard and a moment later a little blonde girl in a frilly pink dress, given to her by her aunt Merrill, and matching shoes stood before her mother, smiling broadly with the blue eyes common to everyone in her family.

"You ready for your birthday party? Everyone's here and the cakes ready." Darla smiled down at her daughter.

"Yay!" Kelly squealed and ran to the table set up outside in the driveway.

The neighbor children and several members from the family and close friends of the family had gathered around the table. There was a seat at the front of the table saved for the little girl who hoped into it immediately with help from her grandmother Patty. She smiled and hugged her grandmother and looked over the table to a older, tan and gray haired man, her father, Bob. He was smiling with the camera ready.

Someone turned off the lights as the people began singing and Kelly gasped as her mother brought in the large cake she herself had made and decorated with a colorful carrousel, just like the ones that decorated Kelly's room. The little girl squealed with joy and beamed as the song came to and end just as her mother placed the cake down in front of her and Kelly's father lent in to light the five candles.

When they were done she took and exaggerated breath and blew out every candle out, bot really make a wish but just having fun at the idea.

Everyone cheered and Darla began to cut the cake, giving Kelly the first piece, the piece she asked for, before moving tot he others.

All in all it was a lovely birthday party. With sparklers!

That night Kelly slept in her bed when she heard a continues thump against her bedside, which caused it to rock a little. Not an easy thing to do as the bed was large and filled with drawers that held her clothes and a few toys she had hidden in there.

She opened her eyes and looked over at the little white cradle that held her little brother Danny, visible by the orangish-yellow light of the night light set up near his cradle.

Kelly tried to role over when she realized how close she was to the edge of the rather high bed but her mother was there, lying in between Kelly and the wall because Bob's snoring was keeping her awake again and Darla was a rather light sleeper.

Kelly sighed and tired to go back to sleep, her hand laying over the side of the bed. By some instict she sat up suddenly, pulling her hand back just ion time, and screamed!

Small alligators-or were the crocodiles? It didn't matter!-small alligator like things were covering her floor in a blanket of scales and teeth.

Darla sat up suddenly, awoken by her daughters scream, and pulled the little blonde girl to her. They screamed together in a brief fit of panic as the reptile creatures tried to climb there way up the suddenly much higher bed, snapping their long jaws before sliding down to the floor.

Kelly spotted one of her toy barrels by the bed, and the white and steel baton her grandmother had bought her. Standing up on the bed she took it by the smaller end and started beating the predators on the head with it when they came up to snap at them until they stopped for awhile, brooding on the floor.

The whole time both Darla and Kelly had been screaming for help, yelling"Daddy!" and "Robert!".

Finally Bod opened the closed door to Kelly's room. He stood in the door way with a stunned expression, half dressed, and a gallon of milk in each hand.

Almost instantly the alligator-crocodile things were on him. Muscled arms each caught in the maw of the reptile predators, as the moment carried the things to the ground Bob's arm were sprung from their sockets.

Bob stood there for a moment, not really registering what had just happened, and then collapsed to the floor were he was swarmed by the reptiles.

Kelly froze, getting out a single shrieked,"No!" Before she lost and then found her voice again, shrieking at the top of her young lungs. Foolishly she jumped off the bed towards her father as Darla grasped at her, her arms missing Kelly's young legs by mere inches.

Kelly awoke when her head hit something hard and then a again but this time covered in something fuzzy.

She stared across her brown carpeted floor and then rolled over to look up at her white bed, one of the drawers sticking out.

Darla's head appeared over the edge of the bed, gasping and almost laughing,"Oh sweety! Are you ok? Did you hit your head on the drawer?"

Darla inspected the already forming bump on her daughter's head before making more room for her on the bed,"Her, why don't you sleep between me and the wall, so you don't fall out again, okay?" Darla soothed. Kelly merely nodded, not saying a word she tucked herself under the blankets and her mother's loose embrace, happy she couldn't see the floor and thus the animals that may cover it but a little afraid her mother would be attacked. Kelly reassured herself her mother would protect her but that hope was dashed when she remembered that it was Kelly who defended them against the beast and not her mother.

Kelly sighed and decided not to worry about it though she was awake for nearly two more hours before sleep claimed her again, thankfully without dreams this time.


Yes that was an actually dream and no my name is not Kelly. I just made some stuff up for the sake of turning this dream into a fic. Which parts are the dream and which parts are true or made up events really doesn't matter now does it.

I hope you all enjoyed. Truthfully this is my first time posting here so please don't be to harsh with me.

August 22, 2006