Beep…beep…beep the steady rhythm of the heart monitor. Sometimes it assures me as I know you're still alive…other times it irritates me as if you're alive, why wouldn't you wake up? Wake up! I wanted to scream.

This is the 75th white rose I've placed in the vase on your bedside. Guess what…I only bring you a rose per week and it's been way over a year since your sapphire orbs witness the sunrise. Don't you want to see sakuras bloom this year?

Who am I to complain? I am not the one who's fighting to be alive. I am just a friend…an over-caring-loyal-to-goodness friend. Even Reika, your girlfriend has left for the states to further her studies. I wonder if she's there praying for you.

The doctors and even your parents were baffled as to why I spend so much time beside you. Talking about anything and everything. Sometimes even singing your favourite songs.

I pleaded with the doctor to allow me to stay the night every time until he is fed up with me. Everytime I pass through the entrance doors the staff gives me sympathetic smiles and words. I wonder if they know something I don't.

Am I wasting my life away with you? The truth is I can't function without you. You haunt me every moment of my life. I just need to be near you. I live for you.