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Chapter I

Vampires Exist?

Celia stood among her two best friends at Feingold senior high school; one of the more elaborate education facilities in the local area. It was mid-term and they were all studying as hard as they could. Being in year eleven was hard, with the constant exams and the bucket loads of home work that she barely ever finished on the due date.

"I swear, Celia. When I finish high school I am out of here!" Karen said with an irritated huff; she was your typical bad-ass type of girl. Blond hair ran to the length of her waist; bright blue eyes surrounded by black eyeliner. The black clothing cluttered with chains was enough to scare most people.

"Why, it's not that bad." Celia tried to reason with her but her attempts were futile. A group of passing girls snickered as they walked past.

"Don't forget to cut your wrists today Goths!" One yelled.

Karen made to run after them but the other girl, Marie, stopped her. "There is no point, Karen. They are just very immature."

Celia stared at Marie in awe. She was mature and nice and incredibly normal-looking compared to Karen with her crisp white shirt and pleated skirt. Dark brown hair brought out the brilliant emerald of her eyes. Celia sighed. She was part of the outcast group. No one liked them, and since they always wore black - Marie not included - they were notified as such: the Goths.

Anytime that someone said it Karen would run after them. She was a really nice girl but when you pissed her off you were going to suffer the consequences. They had another five minutes until they had to go back to class and Celia was not looking forward to her next class. Math. Maths was her worst enemy; she didn't have any friends in that class and she got bullied a fair bit but she was able to handle it for a little while at least.

The bell for the next class rang. Karen ruffled Celia's hair. "You going to be all right?"

Celia managed a smile. Karen was always there for her and so was Marie. "Yes I will be all right, thank you."

As she walked away from her friends she was well aware of Louise and her friends watching her. They were the cool people of the school; the popular people and they picked on others. Celia in particular.

"What's the matter cutter, did you forget your knife today?" Louise said as they walked into the classroom. The people seated laughed. Celia's cheeks burned red in anger and she stormed to the back of the class where she sat down at a vacant seat and glared at the chalk board.

They have got some nerve! Why can't they just leave me alone?

At that precise moment their teacher, Mr Mabb entered holding his books under one arm. He was unbelievably fat and nearly going bald; he was short and had a horrible smell and the classroom immediately filled with the repulsive stench.

From where Celia was sitting she could hear Louise's sudden comment. "Geez you're fat!"

"I am not fat! I am simply big boned." He growled, setting his things down at his desk.

"Well then your bones are fat too then!" Louise concluded. The whole class roared with laughter but Celia simply frowned and tuned out.

Here it comes.

Mr Mabb's face turned a shade of bright pink and he roared. "Get out of my class, Louise!"

Louise flicked her silvery blonde hair and smirked. "Are you going to make me, Mr Mabb?"

The man stared at the teenager lost for words; he couldn't make her do anything.

"Now!" he yelled. Louise rolled her eyes and stood up and walked out of the room.

"Anymore insults will result in a one way ticket to being expelled! Is that clear?" He hollered.

The class agreed half heartedly, most couldn't care less. For the remainder of the lesson Celia tuned out. Maths wasn't interesting and she never got in trouble. But the next lesson which was the last one for the day was her favourite. Mythology. This term they were studying Vampires. Even though she was deathly afraid of them, she was also fascinated by them.

If only they were real, I would love to meet one…

Marie was waiting for her outside her maths class; they were both in Mythology together.

"Did those girls give you any trouble?" She eyed Louise's group hurrying away from them. Celia shook her head. "No, not really. Just the usual."

They continued to their class which was outside in the courtyard. At the moment, the school itself only held a total of five-hundred and seventy-six students from all five years; it was hard to get into, leaving a questionable perspective of judgement on how on earth Louise even managed to step a foot past the front gate.

Marie and Celia sat down on the grass. There were only five other students in the class as moved people believed it to be a boring subject.

"Now class," their teacher Miss Williams called. She was overall a very nice person and no one had a problem with her. "I hope you all did your oral speeches on whether Vampires exist or not?"

Everyone said yes to her question and Marie got up to speak first. She explained in detail that Vampires were real and Celia had to listen carefully to what she was saying.

"Well done, Marie." Miss Williams clapped as she finished and everyone else followed. "Celia, you're next."

Celia swallowed hard, she hated public speaking. "I-I'm spe…speaking my own opinion that Va…Vampires don't exist." It was easier saying they don't exist so she could rest easy at night.

Slowly her confidence grew as she explained all the good points as to why they don't exist but then when she finished she realised she had made a mistake; she hadn't spoken of any proof to say that they weren't real.

"Good Celia, but I think you could have put more effort into your conclusion as to why they are not real."

Celia lowered her head and nodded and sat back down beside Marie who smiled reassuringly.

"You did really well." She said as the next person got up and started talking.

Celia shook her head. "No, really bad."

For the rest of the lesson they listened to the others do their speeches and then it was time to go. All the students got up and started walking towards the entrance but Celia and Marie stayed since they had to wait for Karen in the courtyard as they usually do after school. There was loud screaming as year eights came running through the courtyard with Karen on their heels; she slid to a stop beside Celia. "I hate those brats."

Maire rolled her eyes. "Karen, they're just little kids."

"And that is exactly why they are brats!" she concluded.

"No, now you're just being immature." Marie muttered, starting to walk off.

"Say what….oi!" Karen ran after her. Celia followed. She sighed as they started arguing. They were friends but Karen hated it when Marie was smart and proved points she hadn't even noticed. They stopped outside the school gates. They had to go left and unfortunately, Celia had to head in the opposite direction.

"See you tomorrow." Marie hugged her and walked away.

"Bye, Celia." Karen ruffled her hair again and rushed after Marie and they started bickering again.

Celia sighed and walked down the path in the opposite direction. She lived in the richest area of Feingold since both her parents were lawyers and received a generous income.

Why do I have to be so fortunate? No one else is rich like me. They call me spoilt, it's true but when you don't use it how does it work? Not even Marie and Karen have the luxuries I do, I wish they did, they deserve it more.

The neighbourhood started to change the further she went. The houses got more glamorous and bigger. She went around the corner and arrived on another street and stared at the house in front of her; her house. It was so expensive that Marie and Karen were shell shocked when they first saw it. She walked up to the gate and pressed the button, it opened immediately; her parents had programmed it so that it would open to anyone who had registered for a fingerprint scan. Just before she walked in she looked at the house next door that was far more expensive than their own which had been unoccupied since it had been too expensive to buy, until now. There were delivery trucks arriving and men getting out hauling boxes and furniture from the trucks and into the house. Celia looked closer and spotted a sports car. A black Aston Martin Vanquish V12 sitting in the driveway.

It is such a cool car…I wonder what the person is like that owns it?

She glared at the house it was probably another rich snob. She hated them.

Without another look at the house she walked on to her driveway and the gate started closing automatically. Once inside she closed the door, almost slammed it and walked up the stairs and straight into her bedroom. The walls were painted 'soft suggestion' the colour of mushroom beige, which was a sort of white creamy colour. Her carpet was white and very soft on feet. She didn't have much in her room, just a double bed with black sheets, a computer in the corner, a very advanced stereo, a big cupboard and a table that she had dragon statues placed on.

She looked at herself in her mirror; she was ordinary looking with long wavy brown hair that ran down to her waist and brown eyes. She wasn't overly large or overly small just average. At the moment she was wearing a long sleeved black jumper and a long black skirt. Her parents disliked her style but they only ever made her dress formally when they were going out somewhere which was mostly all the time. Celia went over to her computer and switched it on; she started playing a game called The Hunt which was basically a strategy game with monsters and things that didn't exist.

"Darling, we're home!" her mother's voice rang into her room.

"Okay." Celia called back and returned to her computer game. Her father came into her room and leaned on the door frame.

"Get ready, Celia." He said.

Celia frowned, "Ready for what dad?" she said suspiciously.

"We have invited our new neighbour to dinner tonight."

She glanced out her window and could see the black sports car in the drive way.

"He will be here at six o'clock so be sure that you're dressed and ready." He walked out.

Hmm, why do I always have to put up with this? Every time a new person moves in we always have to invite them. And every time I'm the one that has to answer the door. But what I don't get is how this person could afford that house. Even on my parents pay they couldn't afford that house.

She'd been on the computer for a while now and it was five-forty. She saved the game and turned the PC off. Walking over to her cupboard she opened it up and pulled out a jet black dress. Once she'd put it on she quickly looked in the mirror. It looked stunning, it was backless and strapless and it clung to her thighs and hips which made her look like quite appealing.

At that precise moment her dad came back in.

"You look lovely, Celia." He complemented.

"I look like a runaway supermodel." She said quietly, not really meaning for him to hear.

Later that evening, she stood in the living room with her parents, for the first time she was slightly nervous, waiting for the doorbell to ring.

Why on earth do I feel this way!

Her mother had sprayed her hair earlier so that it had a slight curl to it. If Karen and Marie saw her now they wouldn't even recognise her. The door bell rang and she almost tripped over in her high heels as she went to the door. The cool metal of the handle made her skin tingle and sent a shiver down her spine as she gave it a swift tug in her nervousness. Not being quite used to heels, the resounding impact of the door into her chest sent her reeling back; arms wind-milling as an instantaneous reaction.

It took her a moment to realise that she was no longer falling backwards; her arms still moving in a ridiculous motion to save her from falling. Warmth was curled around her waist and her eyes immediately snapped open.

"You should watch your step." The voice was silky and deep, and very attractive. She looked up at her saviour and almost gasped. The long, perfectly kept shoulder length black hair framed his face in a way that was almost sinful. Eyes of hypnotic blue that seemed to glow stayed locked on hers as she surveyed him thoroughly; the proud cheek bones, strong jaw line, dramatic slashing brows and full, kissable lips were the centre of her attention until they tilted up into a smirk.

"It's rude to stare," he whispered so quietly that even she strained to hear him; and in an instant she was standing on her own, cheeks flaming red.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." He purred softly, his smirk having gotten just a tad wider to show a hint of brilliant white teeth.

As he turned to address her parents, she summarised him before he caught her staring again; starting from bottom up. Her eyes went wide as she stared at his gleaming, black boots set with silver buckles that just reached his knees. The following apparel was a seat of black jeans that emphasised the strong muscles of his legs and sat comfortably on his hips. Celia was almost star-struck as she continued to his chest where a black turtle-neck jumper hugged his physique and then to the black trench coat which completed the ensemble.

Wow...he lives in a neighbourhood like this and dresses like that. How strange.

Celia wouldn't have been able to deny it even if she had wanted to; this was definitely the most attractive man she'd ever seen in her life. Blushing harder, she realised she hadn't even closed her mouth yet.

"I'm not late am I?" He pulled off his gloves and Celia noticed he had very pale skin.

He mustn't get out very much.

"No, not at all!" Her mother said and gestured to the dining room and then stopped. "Oh, I'm sorry. You didn't want to stay for dinner, did you?"

"No, thank you."

Leading them into the lounge room, Celia's mother arranged herself onto the large three-seating couch and her father followed her. Celia made to sit between them but after a quick disapproving stare from her parents, she grudgingly went and sat beside the stranger yet still far enough away so that she wouldn't hyperventilate.

"So Mr…uh…" her mother started.

"Call me Vince." He said with a smile that would make women swoon ten miles away.

That took her mother's breath away and her own. It was unbelievable.

How could he have such an affect over me and my mother?

"So, Vince, what made you come to Feingold?" Her mother asked.

"Business. My father is the president of the Aston Martin Company. He is away at a meeting at the moment and sends his apologies."

"If you don't mind me asking, what is the Aston Martin Company?" Her mother and father were confused. They knew nothing about cars.

Vince opened his mouth to answer but Celia spoke before him. "Aston Martin is a renowned business for their cars, mother."

Celia shut her mouth quickly. She hadn't even noticed she'd done it. Vince was looking at her.

"I'm sorry, Vince. She always acts out of her own..." her mother started but Vince interrupted her.

"It's quite all right, Liana. Tell me Celia, do you know what type of Aston Martin that I own?"

How does he know my name? Mum must have told him. But he's asking what type it is? If he knew me he wouldn't have bothered.

"It is a V12 Vanquish." She answered confidently.

Vince lips curled into the same smirk he had graced her with on his arrival and her breath hitched in her throat again. "Well done."

That was the last time he spoke to her but she listened to the conversation between him and her parents. On one occasion he mentioned how old he was and it made her flinch but no one noticed. He had said that he was seventeen years old but he looked to be in his twenties at the most!

Hmm, at least he's not a snob. He's polite, insanely handsome and charming. I just can't keep my eyes off him. But he's seventeen? That's just weird.

His voice pulled her out of her ogling. "I have just enrolled into Feingold High School."

The word 'high school' rung in her head like bells. Her high school; he was coming to her high school?

The next morning she got ready for school. It didn't even bother her that she was wearing the exact same clothes from yesterday; a black button down shirt and a pleated skirt of darker grey. What worried her was her new school mate. She was deliberately going to wait until he left. She had absolutely no intention of walking with him.

Right on cue. She was looking outside her window and watched him walk straight past his car and onto the foot path and head toward the school. Without another minute she ran down the stairs and out of the house to see him standing by her gate.

What the! Wasn't he walking towards the school a minute ago?

"Good morning, Celia. I was wondering if you would like to walk with me."

"Okay." She whispered.

They walked to school together but he kept a strange distance between them. She didn't really mind. It was freaky enough being this close to him.

"Are you all right?"

Celia jumped at the abrupt break of silence and realised he'd probably heard her hyperventilating.

"Yes. I'm fine."

I hope I am.

They walked in silence the rest of the way, but Celia couldn't help glancing sideways at him when he wasn't looking. He was too beautiful to be real.

Once he caught her looking at him and she looked away but she could have sworn she saw him smirking.

It was all too quick and they had arrived at the school. Marie and Karen were bickering at the front gates waiting for her and she had the sudden urge to hide behind Vincent.

If they see me with him questions will be coming left, right and centre! But how can I hide?

Vince was looking so calm; it looked as though he wasn't even bothered about arriving at a new school.

Just as she was about to be a complete coward and hide behind him, her friends spotted them.

"Hey, Celia," they came over eyeing the guy next to her. Celia's breathing quickened.

This is not my day.

"Who are you?" Karen asked, looking him up and down.

"Vincent Malta. Pleasure to meet you," he inclined his head to both the girls.

Celia sighed quietly; they were going to bring it all out on her next session, because all three of them had sport.

"Vincent, do you need any help finding your classes?" Marie asked politely.

Vincent took out a piece of paper from inside his pocket and looked at it quickly,. "Yes if it's not too much trouble. I have sport next."

He has sport next? Not good!

Today was when they were going to be competing against a class of year twelves; there was only one class of them this year.

Together the four of them walked to the oval at the back of the school. Both the classes were there already, kicking a football around. Football…she hated football!

There were twenty students in both classes including them. The coach blew the whistle and they all went over.

"Now, guys," the coach said. "We have a new student. Vincent Malta."

"It's Vince." He corrected her.

"Sorry, Vince,"

For the rest of the lesson they played football and what a game it was! Vince was unbeatable; no one ever tackled him or got close enough to do so. At one point Celia had the ball and was running towards their goal and out of nowhere he appeared and tripped her, actually lowering her to the ground and then running away with the ball and scored.

Celia got up completely out of it. He had just let the other girls fall when he'd done that to them but not her, he'd made sure she wasn't hurt.

Wow, he really is a gentleman…despite the fact that he let them fall unaided…

"Celia! I saw that. Don't you look at Vince that way!" Louise and her followers stopped in front of her.

"What?" Celia said, she hadn't even noticed since she was still staring at Vince.

"Stop looking at him! He's mine." Louise said smirking.

"Yours? You don't own anyone, Louise." Celia pointed out, but she had crossed the line.

"Don't you tell me what I don't own, Goth!" Louise slapped her right across the face sending her onto the ground. Celia closed her eyes as she saw the other girl's foot come back and then she felt a searing pain in her side. She screamed. She could hear Louise laughing and then it cut short. Opening tear filled eyes Celia looked on the ground and saw a shadow hovering over her. By instinct she looked up and saw Vince.

To say he looked intimidating wouldn't have done him justice; he was downright frightening as his eyes seemed to bore holes straight through Louise's head, his lip curling into distaste until she started backing away; eyes fearful.

Celia whimpered through her pain; yet feeling completely safe with Vincent standing above her. It should have bothered her that she felt so comfortable around a stranger.

"Celia!" She could hear Marie and Karen's voices coming closer. Celia managed to get her arms underneath her to push herself up but the movement but strain on her side and she collapsed to the ground with a muffled yelp. Gloved hands were turning her over onto her back, with the utmost care. She groaned. But as she opened her eyes again she saw Vince's face just mere inches from her own. Despite her pain, her cheeks flushed with colour as she noted he was supporting her against his thigh.

"Celia, where does it hurt?"

"H-here..." With shaking fingers (more from his presence then the actual pain), she gingerly lifted her top to bare her side to him. The area where Louise had kicked her was already a blackish blue; the skin in the centre having been ripped by the toe from the vicious kick. As she watched, blood began to seep slowly from the wound down her hip.

Above her, Celia felt Vincent freeze and frowned. Maybe he was afraid of blood? About to ask him if it bothered him, her heart jolted when he abruptly let her head rest gently on the grass and was striding across the oval quicker than she thought was possible.

After five days of being in and out of the doctor surgery she went back to school. The day it happened Louise got a week suspension which was hardly a decent punishment for breaking two ribs. The sun was shining brightly overhead as she sat in the courtyard with Marie and Karen. Vince wasn't there today. The past four days had been cloudy and now that's its sunny he chose today not to come? Where was the logic in that?

Why did he walk away when he saw the blood? Why isn't he here today?

That evening Celia was sitting in the lounge room staring at the wall when the doorbell rang. Her heart automatically leapt into her throat and she hastened to the door. It was Karen. Disappointment welled inside her that it wasn't a particular dark-haired male but she quickly brushed it aside.

"Hey, Celia," she said.

Celia kept the disappointment out of her voice. "Hi, Karen. What are you doing out this late?"

"I was planning on going to the park in Weather Field. There's a band playing there and I was wondering if you want to come with me because I know Marie wont."

Celia contemplated leaving the house. Would her parents be angry if she went?

I rarely ever go out and Karen will be with me so I should be safe.

"Ok I'll come, but how are we supposed to get there when its thirty minutes away?"

A car pulled up outside the gate, the windows were down and the music blared through the street.

"Some old friends," Karen answered with a smile.

At midnight; which was the traditional time for the concerts to end in the park, the people tended to rush out rather quickly causing Celia to be lost in the crowd, searching desperately for Karen as she tried not to let the fear claw at her throat.

Where's Karen?


She could hear Karen calling her somewhere in the moving crowd. She called back but the crowd's drunken voices drowned her out completely. This was the most dangerous place to be alone in at night. There were always men around that were looking for unwillingly prey.

Celia tried to keep with the crowd but they kept splitting up, going different ways until the group got smaller and smaller until she was walking by herself. To say the park was big was a severe understatement; it was gigantic. It was a well-known place for girls alone to go missing. The path was barely visible beneath her since the moon was covered by clouds. She could hear voices ahead of her; soon she could see two men metres away from where she had stopped. They weren't drunk, she knew some martial arts but it wouldn't help against two men. The two in front of her turned and saw her.

"Hello there. What's a pretty girl like you doing out here at this time?" The closest one asked in a terribly deep voice; dripping with what seemed to be interest.

"Are you lost?" The other one said, the shadows seemed to be merging with them as they approached.

"No I'm fine." Celia squeaked and began to back away instinctively as she caught the colour of their eyes in the faint light. Red. Like blood. It frightened her.

"Come with us." The closer one purred, almost within touching distance.

"We won't hurt you." The other said, beginning to circle around her.

"We promise."

The snap of a twig was all the warning the two men had as a figure leapt out of the bushes and stood in front of the young girl protectively; a guttural snarl ripping from its throat. Celia jumped back in fright with a squeal as the two responded by baring their teeth...no, fangs! Her protector took a step forward and the offenders took off, disappearing into the darkness without a sound.

"What are they?" she whispered, more to herself than to her saviour.

"I'll be asking the questions."

The deep, silky voice made her throat contract painfully as the owner whirled to face her. The blue glow of his eyes seemed eerie in the half-light and the look of sheer disappointment and anger didn't do anything to help the fast pace of her heart.

"Vince! What were they?"

"What are you doing here?" he asked in a low voice, furious, dismissing her unanswered question.

"I- I came to see the band and I got lost from Karen." She admitted.

Vince sighed angrily and reached out to touch her shoulder, more to keep her from bolting than anything else. "What do you think they were, Celia?"

"I think that they are…no it can't be true. Myths aren't true!" she whispered trying to convince herself it was all a bad dream.

"They are, Celia." Vince said just as quietly, "Those men are a human's worst nightmare." He looked deep into her eyes and confirmed her fears. "They are vampires."

Celia stared at him and her eyes widened in horror.


"How did you find me?"

Without replying, he trapped her in the circle of his arm and set off at a brisk pace. "Be calm. I'm taking you home," He whispered and glanced at the shadows on either side of them as they continued into the park.

The deeper they went, the less she could see, causing her to cling to Vincent's side like he was her personal security blanket.

"I followed you here." He answered after a few seconds.

Celia looked up at him in surprise. "Why?"

"Your parents weren't home so I decided you had gone without permission. I went to make sure you didn't get into any trouble."

Why would he follow me?

"Can you please explain?"

"When we get to the car,"

She flinched at the harsh, angry tone still present in his silky voice.

The car?

"Are they following us?" She didn't dare look behind.

Vincent didn't exactly nod; it was more of an incline of his head; half an affirmation and what looked to be a listening technique. Before she could comprehend what was happening, he had her swinging around to face the direction they had come. Even with his warmth and solidness at her back, accompanied by the arms wrapped around her waist, it did nothing to stop the chill going through her veins as she saw the lone figure standing on the path just metres away.


Vince, who had originally been tense at her back, relaxed; causing confusion to well within her rather than fear.

The cloaked figure drew back its hood; platinum blond hair immediately escaped from its velvet confines and spiked out in all directions that seemed to be planned rather than a haphazard reaction. What caught her attention though were the blood red eyes.

Celia wriggled in Vincent's grasp, desperate to escape this new threat; a whine preparing to leave her throat as his arms tightened around her like a cage.

"It's been a long time my old friend." Sandarac flashed a mischievous grin, baring his fangs that glistened threateningly in the moonlight. Celia barely managed to stifle her whimper.

Vincent growled low in his throat at the vampire; suddenly unhappy that his old friend had caused the girl in his arms distress.

"We did receive the call you know." Sandarac said mildly, ignoring his reaction and stepped forward a few paces.

Again Vincent growled, "I will not obey his wishes."

Sandarac raised an eyebrow and his eyes met Celia's. She couldn't avert his gaze as he seemed to hold her there.

Vince growled again, deeper this time and Sandarac looked back at him, a slight smirk playing at his lips.

"What are you doing here with this human, Vincent?"

Without another word Vince turned and stalked towards the street that had become visible through the trees. When Celia looked over her shoulder, Sandarac was still standing where they'd left him and he was looking intently at her. Once he caught her eye again he smiled and inclined his head, disappearing into the darkness.

With this human? What did he mean by that?

Celia clutched the door frame as Vincent sped through the quiet streets, changing gears almost harshly and upon closer inspection; his knuckles were white as he clutched the steering wheel. She winced as he managed to crunch a few gears, and jumped as he released an agitated sigh and swerved into the nearest car park, pulling up the handbrake switching off the engine the movement the car was in neutral.

"Are you okay, Celia?"

The tension in his face was quite apparent but he managed to keep it out of his voice. The last thing he wanted to do now was frighten her with his anger.

Might as well be honest since I'm still shaking like crazy.

"No, I'm frightened and confused. Will you please tell me what's going on?"

Vincent silently leaned across her, his arm brushing across her chest causing her to shiver from the contact as he pressed the lock down on her door before retreating to his side.

After a few moments of silence, and agitated fidgeting on Celia's part, he spoke.

"I followed you to the park as I said before. I stayed in my car until after it had finished. Then I saw Karen calling you and I knew something was wrong so I went to look for you. I found you walking towards…those two and I stayed hidden hoping you would have enough sense to walk away from them."

"You knew what they were?" Celia whispered slightly embarrassed.

Vince nodded and gave her a look that told her not to interrupt. "But of course you went to them. They enchanted you with their voices without you even realising." Celia sat in awed silence as she took this in until his voice brought her back. "Sandarac is an old friend of mine."

"How did you scare those other two away?" She interrupted.

Vince narrowed his eyes and looked away again. "Were you terrified, Celia? Would it scare you to meet another one; a good one?"

Celia frowned and thought it through quickly. She wouldn't want to meet another, but if one promised not to hurt her it could be a consideration.

"I wouldn't want to meet another one but if one promised not to hurt me I might." She answered slowly. "Is that other one a nice one?"



Vince raised an eyebrow. "It depends on whether he likes a person."

"How do you know so much about them?" It had been nagging her mind. Who would know that much about them? Not even her Mythology teacher knew so much about them.

Vince seemed to look at her for a long time before she had to look away; the intensity of his gaze was terrifying.

"Because I am one of them, Celia," he said quietly. "I am a vampire."

Celia shoved herself into the door, wincing as the door handle grinded mercilessly in-between her shoulder blades. Heart in her throat, she waited for him to pounce on her or try and stop her from escaping.

He put a hand to his eyes and took out the blue contacts, when he looked back at her his eyes were the same red as the other three.

"Don't you dare open your mouth," She whispered with hardly any volume in her voice.

"Do not be afraid of me, Celia. I will not hurt you."

Lodging that away for future reference, she distracted herself with the new information.

"So that's why you walked away the day I got hurt; when you saw the blood and you didn't come to school."

Vince nodded and Celia asked another question. "How were you able to resist when you saw the blood?"

"Do not take this personally, Celia, but I don't want to start another revolution of people knowing vampires exist again. Killing you would cause an uncountable amount of problems for my family and I."

"That's understandable," she whispered, though slightly hurt that that was the only reason he had restrained himself.

Noting her upset, his hand moved to touch her shoulder before he stopped himself and lowered it back to his lap. "Plus, I don't kill my friends."

Celia's heart swelled and couldn't do anything about the smile that brightened her face. Vincent's lips turned up at the corners in reply.

Well, that's good to know.