I'm spreading my wings now, Momma.

Tentatively I approach the ledge,

Poised to leap and soar down the canyon.

Elation and terror clash in me, in my soul and heart,

And I don't know where to turn or what to do.

I pause, standing on the edge and look back—

There you are, gentle smile ready.

You will be there, wings spread wide,

Riding the wind with me, ready if I start to fall.

This is the moment you've waited for;

All my life, this is the instant you've wanted.

The world stretches before me,

Ready for the taking;

All my dreams are within reach, if I only grasp them.

I'm spreading my wings now, Momma.

Always, you've pushed me to this,

Softly guiding me and letting me know

My best was always good enough.

Gentle instruction even when I got on your nerves;

Laughter and smiles and things that will only ever be funny to us.

You've prepared me, though the horizon looks so far—

And I am terrified, but you stand beside me,

You let me know I'm strong enough for this.

I'm spreading my wings now, Momma.

The sun is bright and the air is warm,

And I'm ready—I'm finally ready to try.

Tentatively, I stand by the edge, wings poised.

The world stretches before me, and the sky is clear above.

I am strong enough for this.

I am ready for this; my wings are able to support it all.

Let's fly, Momma.

I'm spreading my wings now.