Dance, Dance
The Unforgettable Sound
Rating: PG-13, slight R
Summary: Quinn hates proms, so he goes to sabotage it. He doesn't really expect to be nominated for that, let alone get it...Slash, M/M.

A/N: The only timeFall Out Boytakes any part in this story is when they all say 'you're welcome,' when they play at the prom, and when Patrick goes up to get Quinn. There's another guy named 'Pete' so I just wanted to clear that up so that you don't get confused.

Highschool proms...Quinn thought they were stupid. They all ended with someones dreams of being prom king or queen getting crushed. Besides, the captain of the football team and the captain of the cheerleading squad always were king and queen. Quinn had learned to never get his hopes up.

Besides, Quinn was gay. If he walked into the highschool gym with a guy hanging off of him-or him hanging off of a guy-he'd be kicked out before you could say 'highschool proms suck ass.'

It's not like he missed them. When he was a sophmore a senior asked him to go, so he went with her. She ended up being the queen, and Quinn saw her making out with the king later that night.

When he was a junior, the same thing happened, except with a bisexual guy. Quinn found him making out with the queen later on that night.

So, as a senior, he decided he was going to go without a date, and screw as much up as he could.

Dressed in black pants with a green shirt that brought out his green eyes, his blonde hair was spiked up, black make-up lining his eyes ever-so lightly. A chain held his wallet in his pants, and ancient converse shoes that were once his older brothers were pulled on his feet.

He said goodbye to his parents as he pulled on his Evanescence hoodie, and left the house, car keys in tow.

Quinn arrived at the high school, paid his way in, and walked into the gym. Quinn snorted at the music, and his respect for school proms went up a little bit as he felt the bass in his feet shake his spine.

A table held food that was courtesy of the Student Coucil, like every year.

Quinn walked to said table, and made sure no one was around before taking a can of spray cheese and spraying it in the punch. He tossed it into the garbage can next to him. Luckily for him, the punch was the same color as the cheese.

From there, he took a bottle of tabasco sauce from his pocket and poured it over the cookies and crakers. He grinned as he threw the bottle into the garbage and turned around. He bumped into a slightly shorter senior-Pete Hern-that looked a little like him.

He had short black hair and creamy brown eyes that glasses covered. He had on loose jeans that were torn from wearing them so much. His shirt was red (that read 'A Fire Inside' in drippy black letters) and he wore a black long sleeved undershirt.

Quinn gave a glare at him before walking away to sit on the bleachers and watch the chaos begin.

But it didn't.

Dissapointed, he almost left, but he heard the music quiet considerably before the senior Student Council members decided to stand up on the stage.

"First off, we'd like to thank you all for coming. Prom is always a big thing for Student Council, and we always work so hard on it," the girl, Katie, said.

"Second, we'd like to thank Fall Out Boy for coming to play for us-"aforementioned band said 'you're welcome' before the guy, Alex, continued. "-because it's always so hard to find a decent band to play at prom,"

"Now, we'd like to announce Prom King and Prom Queen, and Prom Prince and Prom Princess," Katie replied, a smile on her face.

"Prom Princess...Kaytlin Bell!" light applause followed.

"And the 2005 Prom Prince...Keven Lake!" extremely heavy applause came from the gym floor. Quinn gave a look to the band, and noticed they all had clapped lightly as well.

"Normally, we announce Prom Queen first, but the King wanted us to announce King first, on account of who the Queen is," Katie said, the smile playing on her lips.

"So...the 2005 Prom King is...Pete Hern!"

Since when did he ever come to any school event? Quinn shrugged it off as the rest quieted down to announce Prom Queen.

"Usually, it's against school policy for Prom Queen to be a guy...Because it takes away from a girl getting the part. Hence the reason why we have prince and princess this year," Alex said.

"But, this year, the King wanted so bad for the queen to be a guy, and to do that, he gave us the money to have Fall Out Boy play live, and well...we couldn't let his dream be crushed, could we?" Katie finished.

"This is not a joke, people. The Queen is actually the queen, and there's no back-up...I will now proudly announce this years, 2005 Prom Queen," Alex said. The only sound was the buzz from the amps on the stage on which Fall Out Boy stood (standed).

"This years Prom Queen is...Quinn Wentez," (pronunciation: wen-tez)

Silence fell in the gym. Quinn could feel thousands of eyes looking for him. He swallowed, and refused to move.

"Oh, come on, Quinn--We know you're out there!" Katie called, searching the crowd for the senior. He swallowed again, and the guy senior Student Council member told Patrick to find him in the bleachers.

After about 30 seconds, Quinn found himself being led down the bleachers onto the platform where the Prom King, Princess, and Prince were all standing.

Pete Hern watched Quinn climb up the steps to the platform with interest.

"How do you feel about this?" Alex asked as he helped Quinn onto the platform.

"I feel like a fucking idiot, I knew it was a bad idea to come tonight," Alex laughed lightly as Katie put the little hat thingy on Quinn's head.

Pete made a move like he was going to walk towards him, but he decided against it and stood (standed) where he was.

"That concludes our crowing of Prom Princess, Prince, King, and Queen. We hope you all had a wonderful time, and we'd like you come back again," Katie said, smiling as the crowd clapped one last time and Fall Out Boy started to play another song.

Quinn stood on the platform uncomfortably. He took off the hat thingy and then sat down on the platform.

It's not like he was saddened at the thought of winning Prom Queen...Not at all. It was an honor to win Prom Queen, especially if you're a guy.

He felt the weight shift, and looked to his right to find Pete sitting there.

"Hey," Pete said, staring at the floor. Quinn was still staring at him. "I guess I feel kinda bad about buying my way into this...I mean, Student Council told me that I was King on Wednesday, and then I asked them to do this...And I feel kind of bad for buying you into this," Pete looked up at him. Quinn swallowed.

"Yeah," he replied softly.

"But, you know, I really do like you...I barely know anything about you, but the way you look and act draws me to you..." Pete replied, shifting. "I've never talked to you in my entire life, and I think that's sad. I really, really like you and everytime I see you my heart flutters and my stomach jumps. I...I think I'm in love with you, Quinn,"

Quinn blinked, and took a deep breath. "But I don't even know who you are,"

Pete looked back at the floor and nodded. "I understand," he made a move to jump off, but Quinn stopped him.

"You know...That doesn't mean I don't want to get to know you,"

"So, what does it mean?"

"It means I want to do this..." Quinn said softly before leaning in to kiss him.

"But...aren't you worried about hooking up too early?" Pete asked in a light whisper against Quinn's lips. Quinn shook his head and sighed.

"When you've gone through everything I have, a relationship is exactly what you want..."