Out on a limb,

one of four

to forge an existence,

hammer, anvil & paw.


I was run out of town

charged with vagrancy,

so out of a home

charged with no pedigree.


Alone on a hillside,

a cow with no herd;

I pass my long days

entranced by a bird.


Some time has passed

and I am taken in;

not loved, but fed

until no-longer thin.


Drilled by my sergeant,

I obey the command

to do tricks and be awarded

a trophy grand.


Some time has passed

and I start to age.

My place in the ranking

slips down the page.


I fall one day

and several bones break.

No longer useful

I am dumped in a lake.


I hold none to blame:

my knell has been called.

But a dog never loved is

barely a dog at all.