A/N: This poem was NOT written by me. It was written by a very, very dear friend of mine who doesn't mind that I post this. All constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks. --Damaged--

Are You There, Dream?

Is it me, or is there someone else in here?
Laughing happily, running joyfully
Are you there or just my imagination?
I walk this accursed world alone, afraid

Are you there? This joyful person I can't see?
My friends have left me abandoned, beaten
Will you do the same? Do you really care?
Are you just like them that left me broken?

You come to me in times of trouble
But you're not really there, are you?
You can't be real, it is too good to be
They all left me with heartache and misery

Why do you keep coming back?
Don't you see? I see passed you
See the truth, you're just my dream
There for me when I scream

I don't think I will be here much longer
But you don't care, you're just a dream
I wish you were truly real
You're the only friend who cared

Not like the others, they were fakes
Never really caring for my sake
They just left me broken, bruised, naked
Now my heart is crippled and shaken

Thank you for being there for me
But I think I can take it now
You're not really there anyway
So you won't care when I leave

Why are you still smiling?
Don't you know I don't need you?
You're not real, just a dream
What's that you say?

You're real? Truly? Real?
Just look for you? But where?
I will look, then, my dream, I will
But will you care? Or will you leave me like the rest?