Your hand is the only thing I'll ever need.

And when I say I want you,

Please take heed.

The sun tells of beautiful love

Produced in our hearts and expelled from above.

A beloved curse was bestowed silently upon our hearts,

And without knowing why,

We each took our parts-

Holding and comforting and everything between,

And when I saw the sunset I never knew what God would mean.

Until the day I took my hand in yours

I swear I would never have surmised

The amount of love my heart stores.

I burn for you

And everything you are,

In a sky of black and white,

You're my searing-hot, bright star.

Streaking the sky with your beauty and grace,

Setting a shifting and uncontrollable pace.

As you stain the sky with sheer serenity

Everyone whispersin divinity,

WhileI call out love attached to your name,

They all wish they could justdo the same.