Chapter Eleven: Endgame

It all ends here. No, seriously.

The story ends here.

I don't know whether I should continue it. To tell you the truth, the ideas I had all came from The Celestial Zone 21. And that particular local (Singaporean) manga is getting lamer by the day. I almost died laughing from the latest installment.

I think I'll stop this story.

But don't worry. If you're a fan of Hideto Fujimoto, you'll see him again.

That's right. I'm doing a spiritual sequel of Darkblood. Hideto is back, and he's cooler and meaner than ever. Well, actually, he's much nicer, but he's got several new abilities you never thought possible. Yeah, you'll love him.

Go on, click my name. Shiranui Akatsuki. (Sounds cooler than Tobias Fong, right?). go to my account. Read whatever details you've to. Then scroll all the way to the bottom.

You'll see Basilisk: A New Dawn. Go ahead and click on it. If you liked Darkblood, I guarantee you won't be disappointed with what you see in there. If you liked Alex Garret from Guilty Action by Madness-Soldier, you'll love the characters there. If you liked The Awakening by Nekoyoukai09, now Spiritbreaker, well…I'm not sure because it doesn't have any more demons in it.

But you'll love the explosive fight scenes I plan to write out. It'll totally blow your world off course.

Yeah, go ahead and click it. I'm sure you're dying to find out what's it about. Grins wickedly

On another note, I apologize if Basilisk started out too familiarly (after all, it IS inspired by Basilisk Kouga Ninpou Chou), but rest assured, as the chapters expand and develop, you'll see my own characters enter the fray and annihilate everyone in sight. Well, not really, because everyone hated Kira Yamato after he became super powerful in the Freedom in Gundam Seed Destiny. I'll avoid that and balance out all the characters.

That will mean you won't see Hideto annihilating any more cities with a dragon. But what the heck, he can annihilate his opponents if he weren't so nice.

Grins again Well, hope to see you there then. Please review my newest story!

Anyway, for those who want to know what happened in Darkblood, it goes like this. Senba Zuru was slaughtered, yes, slaughtered, by Chris, the Magician. Koji goes to rescue her and gets killed as well. And as you know, Hideto goes in and wipes out the entire Hermes Corps (yeah, that's the real name of the organization. Not Zeus Organization. Mai just lied to him, and Tang Li wasn't thinking straight, or he told Mai to lie that it was Zeus Organization. It's very complex and redundant, if you ask me.).

Predictable, huh? Lame? Yeah. That's why I'm no longer continuing this story after much careful deliberation.

See you in Basilisk: A New Dawn then!