Disappointment. Such significant meaning from just one word. Where does it say that you have
to be perfect all the time? Does fate deal you a wonderful hand of cards; a deck from then on if
you screw up, you're scarred for life? Sometimes if you close your eyes and think real hard, you
know that you are never alone. Not one breath goes by without notice by another.

Looking through the past, do you see happiness? Or are you confronted with the same dismal
memories that plague you every second of the day? Do you see your future fading slowly? Does
it call out to you, hoping somehow you'll hear it and come running after it? Or does it slowly slip
through your fingers leaving you surrounded by the depressing reality that you're destined to be

Loneliness, surrounding the suffering inside, slowly seeps to the surface needing to be rendered
useless. You find yourself floating along the spiral of life wondering if there was one moment
when you were truly yourself. One moment when you were content. Anything but the feeling of
emptiness that consumes you at this moment.

Noting the dawning of the day, the night is put to rest along with the doubts that you've harbored
for so long. Another long day of existence that will once again have you wondering by nightfall if
everything is worth it. Is there more to life? Is there more to me?

As the day trudges by, do you wonder if there are heroes that actually exist? Was it all a game by
your parents to make you believe in all good things and give you the desire to do the right thing?
The right thing that has gotten you nowhere in all this time except misunderstood. Common
sense that has nibbled away slowly at your hopes and dreams until finally you're left with nothing.
Nothing but going through the motions of being perfect, though deep down you know you're
scared for your real self to emerge into the light. The same light in which you would falter; that
very same light others would see you in. Is it worth it?

You're uncertain of everything as you wander vaguely through the perpetual darkness of
apprehension that fills you as you fulfill your existence. Lingering thoughts of yesteryear fill your
mind as you make your way slowly toward the horizon of maturity. Longing for what once was
no longer relevant with what has to be. Though your future is not set, many things placing their
own factors to your life shape and mold you to the will of others. Though you don't bend to their
ideals, on the surface you're just one of the crew, but on the inside you're screaming. Screaming
to finally break free from everything and wanting to run far from anything that plagues you now.

Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurt? Something that drove you crazy until you had
it? Did you ever have so much placed upon your shoulders that you seem to almost drown
beneath the many expectations? Expectations that seem so steep as though a million miles away,
but still right within your reach and just out of your grasp. How many dreams have you ever
caught, as you lie awake at night wondering what the next day held?

Do you find solace in the company of family or friends? Do you ever wish you were someone
else? Have you ever wondered what makes people different? How do they achieve their goals
and yet you wander blindly? Does the world make perfect sense? Will it ever? So many things
go unexplained but you don't mind. You stay wrapped in your safety bubble hoping that
everything will work out for the best. Is it really for the best? Or is it for other's amusement?
How many days do you go through the same routine as before, only hopeful that at least one
person would take notice?

Far off in the distance there is a single voice; a light at the end of the blackened tunnel. One that
grows louder over time and multiplies into more, filling your soul with the answers you needed to
make it all clear. Once despair has now turned into new hope, your mind comprehending so much
more that had been held back through your youth. You find new strength and thank the heavens
for those who seem to share your doubts and uncertainty, but at least you share them together.
You are finally free from your confines to be yourself and finally do what you dreamed...be happy.