the same overacted tragedy on every channel
paraded before the celebrity judges' panel
we cast our votes for castaways
while elected ignorance still holds sway
exponential decay of moral fibre
hedonism scores one more subscriber
weakness bred, over and in
faith preserves original sin
fooled us once and fooled again
yet we all deny what fools we've been
spectrum ends refuse to meet
whilst moderation admits defeat
glory, glory, hardly lewd
unctuous as its motive crude
parable-borne pharisees
resolving mock democracies
we evict the native tenants
in their faces wave our penance
dutifully ignoring the poor and meek
jealously exalting the wealthy reek
stoned to death to live on high
compulsively, religions we'll buy
damn each other to save ourselves
selfish subjects which no one delves
in spite we wallow, never moor
decency, a thing of yore
as poetic words can write no wrong
for truth, the wait will yet be long

TMK 8.26.2006