Wake Me

Wake me
For when I close my eyes I dream of you, and I can bear to dream of you no more

Blind me
For in my waking moments I am still haunted by your wraith, always silent…ever dead

Deafen me
For even in the dead of night, I hear your voice calling, imploring me to help you, to find you… to save you

Leave me
For your constant presence taunts my fragile heart, reminding me of what I had, of what I lost, of what I can never have again

Help me
But oh, the bitterness of death!, it is when I need you that I am alone. It is when my soul cries out with an insatiable yearning, a yearning that leaves me empty and raw, that I am alone, alone in a room full of people whose very existence I find callous and crude, for who deserves life when it has been taken from you?

They aren't living, they are but shells to me, for in no person, no place, can I find emotion, can I find life. My world has frozen over into a winter that will never again see the rebirth of spring.

Guide me
For now I wish to be only a memory to the world, to join you, to join the part of me that has already followed you into death. But I know nothing of the hereafter. And if there is no world, no place where we can be together again, I will be content to dream of you forever.

Dream of you, and never wake up.