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Eternal Essence

It's time to wake up my darling.

But I want to stay with you mother!

You can't…there's people here that need you.

But I need you!

No…you don't.

You're right…it's not my time to come see you…

Yes…I want you to live a happy life Saren.

I will…I'll live for the both of us.

Saren opened her eyes and looked around. The first thing that she noticed was that the sun was shining brightly outside. The curtains had been drawn back and tied so it provided an excellent view out the window. There were birds outside singing merrily and bees buzzing around the flowers. It felt good to be alive in that moment. There were covers piled up on Saren and she pushed them aside with some trouble. Her hands felt somewhat weak and limp. The rest of Saren's body felt the same way. She sat up and threw her legs over the side of the bed. The last thoughts in her mind were of the Soldat and watching it explode.

"Saren!" Esmeralda gasped, dropping the basket of clothes she was holding on the floor.

"Please don't shout…" Saren groaned, bringing her hand up to her forehead. "I have an awful headache…"

"Y-You…you don't understand!"

"I understand that you're shouting and I'm asking you to stop…please."

Esmeralda walked over to Saren with tears in her eyes and shook her. "We've all been so worried that you were going to die! When Xavier brought you back…"

"Xavier…" Saren suddenly perked up. Then she clenched her fist. "Where is he?"

"You have been sleeping for about a month and a half now!"


Saren rose to her feet and then fell.

"Don't try to get up! I don't know what went on up there while you were fighting the Soldat but…you had broken your back, neck, and both legs! There were minor fractures on various other places but…that's not important! I'm so glad to see that you're okay!" Esmeralda breathed as she hovered over Saren's body.

"Please…" Saren said. "Tell me where Xavier is…so that I can hit him."

"Hit him?"

"He kissed me."

"What's wrong with that? I thought that when two people loved each other…"

"Who said anything about love?"

Esmeralda snorted. "Get up…" She hoisted Saren up onto her wobbly legs. "Anyway…while you were knocked out…Demire has been restored to its normal form. All of its citizens had been frozen underneath all of that snow. You released them all!"

"That's great…"

Saren wobbled around the room slowly. It took her about ten minutes to get used to walking again.

"I forgot to tell you," Esmeralda added. "Everyone has gone to the Council Meeting. The Queen of Demire is going to be there to present awards to Xavier, Bren, and Zirious because of everything that they did to save them. You would've gotten award too but…you were in a coma…"

"I'm not now," Saren said, stretching out her back. "I can still go, can't I?"

Esmeralda smiled and pulled on her brown hair. "I think that it can be done…but you can't go looking like that of course."

Saren stared down at her plain white night dress. "I guess that you're right…but that means that I can't go…by the time that you finish getting me dressed it'll be all over."

"Very funny."

Saren's heart quickened as she stood in front of the meeting hall in Trymin. The doors were sealed shut except for two guards that stood outside. She tapped her white slippers on the cobblestone and sighed. Although Esmeralda had rushed with dressing her in a beautiful white gown that stopped just above the knee, Saren couldn't help but feel that she was late. She was almost certain that everyone would look at her as soon as she stepped inside. The silver sequins on her gown sparkled in the sunlight, catching the eyes of one of the guards. He motioned for her to come over to him. Saren obeyed as she held on tightly to her mother's pendant.

"What business do you have here?" the guard asked, eyeing her suspiciously. "All citizens have to been notified of the very important meeting that's being held here."

"I'm supposed to be in there," Saren explained. "I'm just late." She played with a clump of her long, wavy hair. Esmeralda had been a little too "silver happy" and added some in her hair.

The guard made a "Pfft" sound and crossed his arms. "I'm sure that any person supposed to be here would have enough sense to not be late," the guard chided.

"It's none of your business why I'm late," Saren snapped. "But you will let me in there."

The second guard looked her over and then shrugged. "We might as well let her in," the guard said. "She can't do much harm in a room full of skilled nobles."

"Fine," the other guard spat.

They both turned and pulled on one of the large handles of the doors. Within a minute, Saren was walking down the empty hall of the place of meetings.

"I must've missed it," Saren muttered. She cursed herself silently. "I can't believe it…wait…I think that I hear something…"

There were voices coming from the next room that was further in. Saren ran up to the large door and stood in front of it. There were no handles or any other way to open the door.

"Speak your name," a voice said. "And I shall determine whether or not you have the right."

"I'm Saren," Saren replied.

Without hesitation, the doors slid open blinding Saren with a bright light. After the light faded away she could see all of the noble families sitting down watching Xavier, Bren, and Zirious receive their awards. They were all kneeling down in front of a very tall woman with flaming red hair. The woman was the first to see Saren and she smiled. Everyone then turned around to see what the Queen of Demire was staring at. Saren's heart beat even faster as she began to walk down the aisle. Though everyone else had turned around, Xavier, Bren, and Zirious did not. They hadn't seen the Queen look at anyone and they were deeply concentrated on the ceremony.

"I'm so glad that you're well," the Silver Queen whispered as Saren walked by.

When Saren reached the front of the altar that the Queen of Demire stood on, everyone began to settle down and take their seats again.

"I'm so glad," the Queen of Demire said, "that you could finally join us…I'm Olivia…the Queen of Demire."

"Yes," Saren replied. "I know."

At that moment, Bren, Xavier, and Zirious turned around at the same time and looked up at Saren. Bren gasped and fell backwards and Zirious just smirked. Xavier turned extremely red.

"Excuse me," the Queen said as she stepped off the altar and walked down towards Saren. Now that Saren was close to Olivia, she could see that Olivia was extremely tall. "You have been very courageous…according to these three young gentleman."

Saren stared up into Olivia's blue eyes. They were very entrancing. "I guess that you could call recklessness a type of courage," Saren said.

"I see…but those who don't take the risk are indeed cowards."

"I understand."

Olivia smiled and brought her hands together. A red flame appeared. "I give to you," Olivia said. "The Demian pin. It will give you unlimited magical abilities and you can travel to wherever your heart most desires."

Olivia dropped the flame into Saren's open hand. The flame flickered and turned into a rustic, red pin.

"There shall also be a statue made of you in Demire," Olivia added. "To show everyone of the heroine who rescued us when we were most forsaken."

"Isn't that a bit much?" Saren asked.

"Do you that it is?"

"Yes…I do actually."

Olivia giggled. "Well then…how about a medal then?"

"That would be fine."

Within a few minutes some other people that had traveled from Demire had forged four medals honoring Bren, Xavier, Zirious, and Saren. Olivia placed Saren's medal on Saren and then pointed towards the Silver brothers. "Now," Olivia ordered. "You may give them theirs."

"Alright," Saren said. She sighed and walked up to Bren. "Here you go." Bren knelt his head down and let Saren slide the medal over his head. It rested on his chest. She was just about to walk away when he stopped her.

"Don't you think that this is a very special occasion?" Bren asked.


"Well then…how about you give me what I've been wanting?"

Several people in the crowd gasped. Saren just rolled her eyes and thought about it.

"Fine," she said. She gave Bren a kiss on the cheek. "That's all that you'll ever get though."

"That's all that I've ever wanted…I think."

Saren skipped over to Zirious and placed his medal on him.

"I love how you made these silver," Zirious said. He chuckled to himself. "We are first place after all…"

Again Saren was stopped.

"You can't possibly kiss Bren and not kiss me," Zirious remarked. "That would be unfair."

Saren would've slapped him but there were too many witnesses. She pecked him on the cheek and moved on to Xavier. "Now," Saren whispered in Xavier's ear. "I'll get my revenge on you later."

She dropped the medal over his head and glared at him. Xavier laughed to himself.

"That was a lovely ceremony," Bren said as he did cartwheels in the garden. "I thought that you were certainly dead Saren. I'm still amazed at how you walked in like that."

"You're going to make yourself sick," Zirious warned as he splashed around in the pond. "Hey…Saren…Xavier…why don't you two get in?"

"We're fine," Saren said. Xavier and she had picked a nice grassy area to sit down together.

"I'm still not going to forgive you Xavier!" Bren suddenly exclaimed. "I liked her first!"

"Well…" Xavier murmured as he held Saren's hand. "I got her first…"

"What did you say?"


Saren laughed.

"I heard you!" Bren spat, tackling Xavier down the hill.

"I still can't believe the day of the ceremony either," Zirious said as he sat down next to Saren. "When we had gotten back to the castle I saw you yelling at him…and then hitting him…and then the next second you two are kissing. What was all of that about?"

"He started kissing me all of a sudden…and I don't know…things just went odd from there," Saren said. "Besides, I was hitting him because he had kissed me on Demire without permission!"

"What's wrong with that? If you two love each other…"

"Who said anything about love?"

Zirious snorted just as Esmeralda had done.

"Anyway…" Saren said. "I told you guys that nobody was to kiss me on my lips…and he did so…"

"Wait," Zirious said. "He kissed you on the lips?"


"While you two were on Demire?"


Zirious charged down towards Bren and Xavier who were still rolling around in the water. He joined their brawl yelling things about people kissing people on the lips and not telling anybody else about it. Saren just rolled her eyes and fell backwards. Fatigue had suddenly rushed into her body causing her to become very sleepy. The past few days had been very interesting for her. After the ceremony, Saren had to chase Xavier down so that he could receive his punishment. That didn't work out as a very good punishment because Xavier had been rewarded in the end. Then Saren had to go to Fathure to hand over all rights to the kingdom to her uncle. Saren had always liked him and she knew that he would rule the kingdom much better than her father had. Everyone had been fawning over her for days. Esmeralda would constantly run into Saren's room to see if she needed anything and several times Saren had almost yelled at her.

"Hey," Xavier muttered, nuzzling her with his head. "Get up. You've been asleep for about an hour now."

"Wait…wait..." Saren mumbled. She tried to push him away but she didn't have much strength when she was half to sleep.

"You can't sleep out here…I'm sure that it's uncomfortable."

"Mmm hmm…"

"Then let me take you bed."

"Carry me."

Xavier chuckled. "Fine."

Xavier lifted Saren up and held her close. She wrapped her legs around his waist so that she could look at the sky over his shoulder. The stars sparkled in the night sky while the moon cast a milky light over the pond.

"My mother," Saren said. "Was a phenomenal person."

"I'm sure she was," Xavier agreed. They were almost out of the garden. "She had a very phenomenal daughter."

"I'm only half of what she was. The rest of me is almost like my father."

"Do you forgive him?"

"For what?"

"For allowing Kathy to intrude in your home and mess everything up."

"I think that I do…he was just naïve…and I guess that I can't blame him for that."

"That's good."

Saren sighed heavily and looked at all of the flowers still in bloom. The next day she was going to start learning all of her mother's potions so that she could help people just like Samar wanted too. Xavier started to talk about something but Saren wasn't paying attention to him because a strange light had caught her eye from on a hill that wasn't too far away. Saren cocked her head to the side and tried to figure out what the light could be. The light formed into two human-like shapes and Saren gasped. They were exact images of her mother and the younger her. The young Saren was holding onto Samar's hand and they were staring out at the pond.

"Wait…" Saren said. "Wait…put me down."

Xavier lightly set her feet back on the ground. "What's going on?" he asked.

"Hold on…wait right here."

Saren ran to the hill where the ghosts were and stood in front of them. Samar smiled at her. The younger Saren smiled back as well. Although Saren had so much to say her words stayed back in her throat. There would be time for talking later. Saren put both of her hands out. One went to her mother and the other to the younger Saren. It was time to put the past behind her. The ghosts put their hands on top of hers. Saren felt a warm glow throughout her body. Then as quickly as the ghosts came, they disappeared with the wind. Saren walked slowly back to Xavier and when she reached him, she took his hand in hers. They continued walking back to the castle.

"What was that all about?" Xavier asked. "Why were you holding your hands out like that?"

"Oh," Saren giggled. "It's nothing. I was just…saying goodbye."