Okay, this is really the end. Thanks for reading, everyone. This next part is obviously not seriously by Leigh, but I liked this idea.

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But enjoy the epilogue!


Hi. This is Leigh. Aimee approached me soon after the movie (also called The Interview…my fault, I'm no good with names) and asked me if she could write a novelization of the movie. Of course, having read some stuff by her before (mostly columns in The Guardian), I agreed.

I figured that bit of information regarding what exactly happened after that Valentine's Day was in order, and Aimee agreed, so I banged out this little…epilogue, for lack of a word that implies very smallness, and sent it off to her.

Here goes:

Cass and I married about a year or so later in a very small ceremony in Japan, where both of us had always wanted to go. Jake and Nick were there – Nick was the best man, Jake was the 'maid' of honor (something he really wanted to kill me for, by the way). The press was a bit miffed that they weren't informed of the nuptials, not that I care.

The Interview came out to much hilarity. Everyone thought that it was just a joke, that it was only loosely based on true events. A 'what if?' sort of thing. 'What if Jake had been lying during that interview? What would have happened?'

We'll just let them keep thinking that, shall we?

Kevin – you remember him? – actually ended up dating Hannah, of all people. They're both a bit geeky, so they work together. And wouldn't you know it, Cass's favorite quote is also 'History is indeed little more than a record of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind'. Funny, that.

Cass and I are expecting a baby. Just one, as I don't want to pregnant any more than I have to be. Having one kid with him would be nice. We don't want to know whether it's a boy or a girl. If it's a girl, we'll name her Jacqueline. If it's a boy, we're naming him Craig.

Not that you care. I know what you're waiting for me to get to. Jake and Nick. Nick and Jake. The infamous lovers. The stupid blokes who can't get over their own stupidity long enough to admit their love for each other. Children, the Nile is not just a river in Egypt. If said differently, it will sound like denial.

No, neither of them is expecting, so to all you Mpreg people…men don't have uteruses. There is no place for the fetus to gestate. It is not physically possible for a man to have a baby as of this point in time. Also, where the hell would the baby come out?

They're also not getting married. They're content the way they are. They make me nauseous just sitting near them. I can feel myself getting type B diabetes just sitting next to them from the sheer uber-sappyness that they exude. Theyaew8ry;/glA be'4 b\/' '/"jkddddlf

Hello, Jake here. Leigh's getting a bit out of hand there. I wouldn't quite say that Nick and I are that sickening. But then, I am probably a bit biased.

We moved away from Leigh to get away from this kind of things but she follows us home when she's lonely. Cass got a real job – he's working for several newspapers in addition to his blog – so he's not always home like he used to be.

I will say that Nick and I are very happy. We are very happy with our choice, and with our life. We've reached a good balance. I help Nick out with his plays, I act in movies, and I write a well-known blog – though by no means as good as Cass's – about my experiences as an actor. Of course, we have our differences, as any couple does. But I think we have less than the majority of couples. Maybe it's because we got together later in life. Maybe it's because we were good friends first. I don't know what it is.

But in any case, I think we're happy.

Leigh again. I'm not going to delete that previous bit before I send this off to Aimee because it illustrates what goes on around here.

As for Collin and Elizabeth, they recently got into manga, and they've gotten me hooked too. It's a bit embarrassing, being this woman in her thirties reading this Japanese comic mostly meant for children. But I'm totally obsessed with Death Note. It's amazing. I'm totally in love with L. Hell, I want to be him.

Jake just said I am like L in some ways, but I think he's just trying to appease me so I'll change the music from the crap I have on now that I started playing to get him to give me my computer back.

It's a stupid, old, and ridiculous phrase, but I'm going to have to use it:

We lived happily ever after.


A/N: It's been a fun ride, but it's finally over. Hope you've all had fun. Look for the edits. I can't promise that I'll go through with them, but I probably will just because I really like this story. Look for my next slash story, The Not-So-Celibate Life.