I walked through the city. Lights glared and car horns blared. I'm missing my mother. Where are you mother? I can't see her sweet smile. Where is she?

She told me the city was dangerous. All around me is danger. I can feel it pressing in, choking me. Holding me by the throat and squeezing.

I had no idea where I was. Where am I? A lady in a very short skirt offered to take me around the world. I declined. I wanted to find my mother.

An alleyway protected a group of fat men in black suits from the outside world as they put a white powder up their noses. I hope their noses rot.

A young girl sat on a bench under a sign that said Pussies Here. I wondered if it was a pet shop. She had a lot of makeup on and she was holding a crying baby. Then she suddenly smacked the baby on the head. The crying became louder. I shuddered and continued on as the woman kept on smacking the baby, but this time with a closed fist.

The crying stopped. But inside I could still hear its pained cries. All it wanted was a mother to love it. Like my mother did. But she's gone. I don't know where she is. Where is she?

I lost my mother. Why can't I find her? I don't want to go to Daddy. Daddy is mean to me. He hurts me. My back hurts. I can't go to the toilet without it hurting.

Mother left. I miss her. I can't see her sweet smile. She told me she loved me every night before I went to bed.

Except for today. She didn't come home today. Daddy said that she wasn't coming back. He said she didn't love him anymore and it was my fault. Daddy had red stuff on his hands and dirt on his jeans and shirt.

I don't like being alone. I want my mother. I can't see her sweet smile.

I crossed the road. I heard police cars squealing. The scream of some wheels. A yucky smell, like when Daddy accidentally put some plastic in the bonfire. Bright lights glowering at me. Pain. And then none.

I know where I am now. I'm with Mother. She's smiling at me.

A/N: I hoped you liked it. It came to me when I was listening to Embryo by Dir en Grey. There were two translations that I found. The first one was completely the wrong song, but it did actually sound like something Dir en Grey would play. The second one was the right one. Both of them helped me to write this short.

And when the boy sees the men in the alley, he sees them snorting cocaine. And it's alluding to what happens you your nose if you do cocaine. The septum will eventually rot.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you will be kind enough to review, I always try to review in return