the wizard, in his tower
of g ol d e n pennants&spires.
looking down
endless eyes to p r y
upon the world below.

silver-blue-green iris
glittering in the circle of
g l A s s
(precious contact with reality)
he knows all, sees all,
- feels nothing.

untouched by age, he sits
yet the halls of his stare
are eternal and ageless;
echoes of the lost.

he thinks he is magic
but all he is,
- the remnants of dreams.

(never coming home, never coming home)

h o l l 0 w
the tower is like his heart
as he wishes to touch the world;
caged by melanchol y death.
(wisdom came with a price)

the wizard in his tower
king of his books&spells.
- greenstardust & faeriewings
no one loves him.

falconis, falconis, de draconis - suerte, perdete, tortura, immorta - deus et morta (persian eyes)