I Remember.

By S.A.G.M.

I remember those times,

Where you would make me laugh.

I remember those times,

Which we would spend talking,

Never minding what other people said,

We were friends, then.


I remember the arguments

When the phone stopped ringing,

I remember trying so hard to reach you,

Because I knew you'd understand.

For I was your friend.


I remember when we talked again

As if nothing had ever happened

I remember that no one asked for an explanation

We didn't need one.

For you were my friend.


I remember having a slip on my tongue

Not really meaning what I said

I remember hurting your pride, while protecting mine,

But you did the same.


I remember trying to reach you again,

By different means, in different times,

I remember begging forgiveness, hoping it would be the same.

And it was not.


I remember as I lay on the couch,

Wiping the tears of my heart

I remember as I try to put it back in its place

Never minding why it was wrenched out,

But by who.


I remember asking myself why,

Offering stupid answers,

I remember wanting to cry, wishing to talk it over.

But you are not here.

I remember and wish,

Holding the thin air as if it were you.

I remember and cuss

Throwing a pillow as if it were you

I remember and cry,

I remember and die, then,

I remember.