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Case name:

Case file:

We're all the same.

Have no identity.

There is no you.

Forget about dignity.

This is what you must do.

Because you have no money,

although you have a job.

It's all about dollar signs,

and you're just a slob.

You're not a human being.

Just a case number and file.

They think that you're worthless

with a patronizing smile.

I know I am poor,

and just another face.

I might as well be invisable

in this sort of place.

I'm just one of the masses,

and everthing is done just so.

Hand in all paper work on time

and learn the word 'no'.

'No', for health insurance.

'No', for public assitance.

'No', for food stamps and respect.

'No' is just the way it is.

Work around a workers time.

Guess you can't have any of your own.

This is the reality

that I've learned as I've grown.

But I'm not some kind of idiot.

I understand what they say.

I get all those nuances.

But I have no other way.

I make minimum wage.

I can't afford to live.

So I push my pride aside

and hope you're willing to give.

I've sorry for the inconvience,

but you work because of me.

I hope that you understand,

this is not what I want to be.