Don't let the girl go
I know you think she's
Fucked up and fucked up
Don't let the girl go
She worth more than you know

You've got an angel in your back pocket
Don't sit down and crush her
(Don't let the girl go)
She didn't leave all those times
You came crawling back
Do I hear you saying sorry?
(Don't let the girl go)

Now you're standing over dirt
With your angry arms raised
What do you imagine she did now?
What did this angel do now?

A flash and a flash and a flash
And a...

Where are you my little coward?
Are you hiding from the truth again?
Who was holding the casing when she fell?
You shot the fucking girl to hell

Don't let the girl go
She's worth so much more
Don't let the girl go
She's better than you
I thought you knew