The repeated pattern continues
as I open my door
and it welcomes me with a distinctive view
of wankers overpopulating
'coz he's had a couple down him
and well, so has she
we all knew she'd been eying up his pants
but now she's got the confidence
and excuse to act like a fool
but they both suit with his big ego, and her fake implants

And you hear the cursing from the windows
oh it's those yobs starting with the locals again
we know a fight's about to start, so look out below
and you realise they groan and moan about their name
so who are we to judge, by the way they portray?
but at the end of the day, they're idiots anyway

It's no surprise
the same old people fucking in the same old place
doesn't the new generation just make you cry?

And it makes you question,
is it disgust or is it pity
as they are just talking animals loitering around the city
with large guts flooding over their tightened belts
when the size is already one too small
and when one comes over,
exaggeration and denial is what they call

but we'll never care who they are
'coz faces are made up of make up
and it's all so unattractive
but we don't look behind, 'coz we just gotta live
walk forward and avoid the spreading fire of stupidity
'coz the blinded idiots are preaching from their ass holes again
and if you stop to debate, you know you won't hear the end