A long long looong time ago people believed in anything and everything they were told. Demons lived under bridges, in old abandoned houses, and hid in darkness. Evil humans, when they died, either went to hell or roamed the world till the end of time, destined to wander alone, transparent and miserable forever. Monsters lived under the bed, witches gathered together during a full moon and cast spells against their enemies, and humans could turn into werewolves if they were bitten by another. Now, experts can claim that nothing of the old age ideas and stories are real. But how do they know for sure if the stories aren't true? That there are really women who can cast spells, people who howl at the moon whenever its completely round, or that dead souls really do wander the earth for all eternity?

They're just good at hiding it. That's all.

But Halloween came into existence because of all the middle age stories. Its one night out of the year where people can dress up like a witch, a werewolf, a ghost…hell…even Elvis. Ordinary people can shed their boring normal lives for one night, and suddenly everyone's exactly the same.

That was the way Victor Scott Everett liked it.

He couldn't remember how old he really was anymore, but he figured it was around the 400 mark. He had stopped counting the years, after his 104th birthday. Actually it couldn't count as his birthday, since he had forgotten what day and month it had been, so he just gave up all together. He was a vampire.

He didn't like the word much. He didn't' spend time with other vampires. He had been turned off to others of his own kind, after being turned against his will, then abandoned and forced to fend for himself. It reminded him of a father who abandons his family, abandons his wife and kids. Victor didn't know if his creator was alive anymore, nor did he really care.

He lived in a large town FULL of people. The self control he had over himself was remarkable. He could sit in a 24hour coffee shop and sip a latte while watching scrumptious night time prowlers like him, only human, come in and leave without once licking his lips in hunger.

His usual prey consisted of whores and bums on the street. He liked whores blood the most because it was strong and delicious, for their blood was usually filled with the bitter taste of liquor. Bums he usually drained hastily, since their bitter un-washed skin made his insides flip. He didn't feed on them as much anymore, since the town he lived in hardly had them. The town had a few stripper joints, and several dance clubs however, and he spent a lot of time there. He had an apartment close to the ones he favored the most. Three clubs that each had to a different appeal to him. When he was in a bad mood he went into Kyro. When he was feeling lonely, miserable and hungry, he went into Red's range, a strip/dance club. When he was feeling horny and hungry, he usually went into Santana's', which was the loudest and most crowded club in the town.

Halloween night he pulled himself out of bed, got dressed in an all black outfit, consisting of a black t-shirt, some gaudy silver crosses and chains, a baggy black pair of jeans, a large black trench coat and dark sunglasses, to hide his strange gold eyes when he was out on the street. He fiddled with his tousled black hair, frozen in the same position it had been in when he become a vampire. He played with it anyway, trying to see if maybe tonight was the night it would do something different. When it didn't he sighed heavily and shrugged it off.

"Oh well...like its going to matter." He murmured, flicking a strand out of his eyes.

"Tonight's the night Vic the blood sucker comes out to play."


Juni Katherine Benevote stared at the skimpy black dress her friend Jaimie had set our in front of her.

"No way."

"Oh come on Juni! It's hot! Wear it!"

"No way!" Jaimie ran a hand through her long strawberry blonde hair, her large blue grey eyes full of exasperation. She picked up the dress and swung it wildly.

"Well this is the hottest witch costume there, and you're the hottest thing here so accept it!" Jaimie whipped something else from behind her back. She held up a long silky looking purple scarf belt and a tall black witch's hat.

"You could wear my strappy black heels with it! Oh come on please?! For me?!"

"No. I asked you to pick me up a WITCHES costume! Not a play boy bunny….thing!" There was a loud banging noise from behind Juni. She turned her head and scowled. The refrigerator was floating several inches off the ground. She spun back around and glared at Jaimie, whose hand was raised and her palm pointed toward the fridge. Her eyebrows rose and smirked.

"Wear this or I'll drop your fridge."



"Jaimie you can't drop my fridge!"

"Can too!" Juni sighed in defeat.

"All right I'll wear the damn dress." Jaimie grinned wickedly.

"I knew you'd see it my way."

Juni and Jaimie had been best friends since the third grade. Both were 23 and had high paying jobs as the owners of a restaurant called Melancholy Joe and Uncle Phil's Eating Emporium. (MJUPE), named, obviously, by Jaimie. Jaimie was head chef in the back and Juni ran the front of the restaurant. Together they had a booming business, and made good money too. MJUPE was the most popular restaurant in town. The two women had a secret though.

They were witches.

Juni had discovered this when she was three and accidentally shot a baseball her brother had been threatening to throw at her into orbit around the earth. Her mother was a witch, and her father was mortal. Her brother, who had inherited the majority of his mortality from his father, was stupid and was unable to hold onto a job for longer than a month. He still lived with their parents.

Jaimie had discovered her witching powers when she was five, when her father started trying to hurt her and her younger brother, taking his anger out on them and blaming them for everything. One night her father had come home from a bar drunk and went up to her little brothers room and tried to smash his head through a window. Jaimie screamed for him to stop and ended up throwing HIM through the window and onto the street in front of their house, where he was proceeded to get run over by a car. He was sent to jail and is currently still there, living as comfortable as one can get in that situation, happy with his new boyfriend Moe. Jaimie was not blamed for any of it, since she testified saying that he had tried to go for her and she dodged and he went flying out into the street. Which was pretty much true. Jaimie had no idea where she got her witching powers, since her mother didn't seem to possess anything at all, except the displeasure of knowing her daughter was beating her at everything in life.

When Juni and Jaimie met in grade school, they had become friends, only not very close because they didn't seem to share a bond, but as they grew older, Jaimie and Juni started to learn how to control their powers, and simultaneously learned about each other. When they graduated from high school, they vowed to open a business together, and both went to separate schools to learn about business and culinary arts, and met back in the town they now lived in and opened their restaurant.

Now 23, and Halloween night, Juni stared at her reflection in her mirror, trying to determine if the silky black dress and the purple sash around her waist really looked good on her. Floating by her head was the curling iron and hair spray, curling her hair to make her hair look like the photo of the woman in the magazine floating on the edge of her vision. She turned a little to examine her profile, and the curling iron, hair spray and magazine moved with her. The heels looked good with the outfit, and her slender hips held the sash sexily.

"Maybe Jaimie was right…maybe it does look good…" Juni finally decided to wear it and picked up the witches hat sitting on her bureau and sat at an angle on her curly brown hair and smiled at her reflection. She had put on a bit of eyeliner to darken her eyes and curled her lashes with mascara. Her silver eyes glowed with delight. Her lips were a glossy with lip gloss, and her gorgeous mocha colored skin looked smooth and beautiful. Quickly she grabbed her coat and purse and headed out the door. The curling iron set itself back under the sink and the hairspray and magazine settled onto her bureau.


Victor was having a hard time keeping up with the little blonde sitting across from him in the booth he sat at; she was talking about a thousand words in one breath. He swirled the vodka in his glass absentmindedly and examined the amber liquid through the thick glass of his mug. He had to get rid of this chatterbox! Plus the loud music was giving him a headache. He gazed longingly at the front doors but was quickly snapped back to attention when the blonde snapped her fingers in his face.

"Hey are you listening to me?"

"Uh…yes? Look I'll be right back. I need to go take a…"

"A smoke? Good cuzz I could use one too!"

"….a piss. I need to go take a piss." He lied. The men's room was a good place to hide from scary chattering non stop blondes. Hastily he leaped to his feet and raced for the bathroom.

"What kind of freak wears an all black outfit?" Vic spun around and glared at the women standing behind him. She was dressed in a long black and blue dress with a corset type thing around her slim waist. Heavy black makeup covered her face and she had dark red lipstick over her succulent looking lips. Vic looked at her through the thick dark sunglasses and quickly pulled them up away from his eyes, the gold in them flashing momentarily. He smiled sexily at her.

"A vampire, your highness." He purred.

"You got that right buttercup! Now get out of my way I have to use the little girls' room." Vic stepped politely out of her way and watched her go in, studying her backside briefly before turning around and maneuvering through the crowds of colorfully dressed adults dancing around to the music. He spotted the blonde, who was wearing a playboy bunny type costume, and ducked out of sight as her eyes swept through the crowds in search of him. He spotted a side door and the urge to go out and smoke a cigarette became too great, and he swiftly pushed the door open and went out into the cool night air. As soon as he stepped out into the darkness he realized he wasn't alone. When he spotted who his partner out there was, he relaxed a little, but immediately stiffened again when he realized that the person was a woman, and she was wearing the hottest thing he had ever seen. She switched the cigarette from one hand to the other and gave him a weak smile.

"Large crowds make me nervous. I'm almost done here if you want some privacy." Victory smiled at her.

"No it's alright. I like being in the company of a beautiful woman." The woman blushed a little. She had a witch's hat cocked to one side on her head, and her hair fell down her back in curls. Victor could feel the heat radiating from her body, could hear the quickening speed her heart was beating at the sight of him. He fished his lighter out of his pocket and quickly lit the cigarette he had pulled out of his trench coat and took a drag from it. He glanced at the girl sideways. She was looking off at something else with a bored expression on her face.

"So who you here with?" Victor asked, taking another puff and blowing out slowly, watching the smoke dissipate in front of his face.

"My friend. She made me come." Victor laughed.

"Don't like big parties like this?"

"Not really…" Victor smile in spite of himself. He liked this girl. He didn't think he would drain her blood. Maybe just play with her a little…

"Nice teeth." Victory snapped out of his thoughts of the beautiful girl in his bed and blinked at her.

"What?" She pointed at her mouth. "Your teeth. They're pretty real looking."

"Oh yeah?" He pushed himself off the wall and moved toward her till they were only a few inches apart.

"Wanna see them up close?" the girl gave him a skeptical look.

"Honey, I've dealt with your kind before, don't try to trick me like that." This stopped Victor.

"Huh?" The woman took a drag on her cigarette and flicked some ashes at him.

"You may be able to trick humans, vampire, but they're not gonna work on me." Victor froze.