It is not as though I wish to be here.

It is not that I take joy in your pain.

I do not dance as you hang there,

I will not shout out in pride.

A false pride that they all possess,

While you hang there.

I did not come here to see you,

To see you perish,

To see you die here on this tree,

Lost to the world.

You promised,

Promised to always be there for me.

You did not fight for your life,

You gave in.

Where is your fight,

Where is your will?

You said you would rise,

But how,

How can you rise if you are dead?

How can you?

I don't understand,

Why am I here,

Seeing you die on this tree?

Why is your blood falling on me?

And yet,

Deep down I have know all along.

You came to die,

Did you not?

You die to heal me,

Do you not?

Is this blood,

That falls on my head you way of loving ,e,

Your way of saving me for yourself?

Will I truly be with you forever?

Forever and eternity,

Never to leave your glorious presence.

This I must believe,

This I must hold on to.

For I have nothing else,

Only my Crimson Savior.