Water Beyond the Bridge

The wind blew through the water, picked up speed and hit us head on bringing with it the sticky sweet smell of salt and coconut. I wasn't sure about the others, but I shivered. It was a particularly cold summer day. I noticed my teeth clattering and edged closer to Frank. The wet spandex of his life jacket felt weird and misplaced against the bare skin of my arm. My sweet tempered companion for the day increased the speed of his Jet Ski, catching me off guard. I reached forward and grabbed his arm in surprise. He looked back and smiled. I smiled this pathetic, weak smile and looked away. God, he looked just like Orlando Bloom when he smiled. I noticed I was blushing and hid my face in my life jacket, hoping no one else would see it.

"Hey, how high do you think those waves are," asked my cousin Marcel.

He had a wicked little smile on his face that looked so unnatural I knew immediately that he had something really stupid and dangerous planned for us.

Frank turned his pretty dirty blonde head towards the water beyond the bridge; he studied it for a minute or two before he answered.

"Two or three feet probably."

My eyes snapped back from the pelican I was staring at. I focused on my cousin's eight ball looking face. His hazel eyes looked over at the waves. He'd always been just like a book; all the words were there, you just had to make the effort to decipher them. I sat there on the back of that wobbly Jet Ski and waited for him to state what I already knew. Frank turned back and whispered playfully, "do you wanna have some fun?" knowing full well what Marcel's constant study of the water meant.

I glanced at the waves and the grey sky above them. I don't think I want to have that kind of fun. "Uh, sure," I responded just to fill in the silence.

I pondered for a brief second afterwards as to whether or not I should tell him not to go out there but unfortunately, the decision was already made for me. "Come on!" I heard Marcel say as he squeezedhis accelerator. The second his gleaming black Jet Ski entered my field of vision, I looked my dear friend in the back of his toy. Yelkian might be skinny, but she sure can hold on. Her hair was blowing furiously into the wind. Her long tresses looked like tentacles, just waiting to capture me and pull me down.

Frank quickly followed and headed out into the open water. I grabbed on, not caring if he had a bruised rib or not. If I ended up cracking it he only had himself to blame. Honestly, who goes out into the sea with those kinds of waves? As soon as we left the protective barrier of the bridge, we hit our first wave. Frank sped up and we flew overit, landing particularly hard. I slid to the left but quickly corrected myself. Did we really have to go that fast? Was it that immensely necessary? Did Frank have the slightest idea how scared I feeling at that moment? You know what? No, I didn't want to have that kind of fun at all. Marcel and Yelkian appeared out of nowhere. They glided through the air like a pair of birds. I heard a faint screech coming from my friend. I totally felt her pain.

We continued to rise above the crest of the waves and land on the troughs. It seemed to me that my Orlando Bloom look alike driver responsible for my well being while I was on the back of his Jet Ski was picking up speed…and heading for a gigantic wave.

"Oh no, no, no, no."

I started to panic as we drew closer to it. I tightened my grip and closed my eyes until I saw those bizarre greens and fuchsias inside my eyelids. The Jet Ski smashed back down into the water. I felt a pain surge through my spine.

"Wow! That did wonders to my back," I said condescendingly. I think he might have heard me because he laughed a little.

"I thought you said you were bored back there. Isn't this exciting?"

"No, it's not. It's scary and painful."

Frank chuckled a little but stopped when Marcel pulled up beside us.

"Hey, I think we should go back. My Jet Ski turned off on one of the jumps. I feel like it's going to break in half."

Marcel looked pathetically at his baby. I felt as if he wanted to kiss it and apologize but then again, it could have just been me.

"Yeah, alright, let's go."

Frank rushed forward to break through the wave in front of us but as he attempted to turn, a wave crashed into the side of the tiny vessel. Between the speed and the force of impact, the Jet Ski started to tip to the right. I held on as hard I could, hoping Frank would correct it and pull us out but that wasn't the case. Instead I felt him start to slip off as well and I knew that it would be worse if we both fell, so I let go. The waves pulled me under. The darkness around me intensified as I was dragged deeper and deeper into the suffocating chasm. I started to panic and in an ill attempt to breath, I sucked in some of the cool water that held me captive.

I fought hard to get back up but just as I broke through to the surface another wave crashed on top of me. It felt as though I was underneath water for both a second and an eternity until finally, my trusty life jacket brought me up and I coughed up some of the inhaled water. The burning sensation in my throat was like hot coals. I grimaced at the dry, salty, metallic taste in my mouth. The second I opened my eyes I caught sight of my cousin. His eyes were narrowed, searching; his face twisted with worry. I looked back and saw a panicky Frank leaning across the seat of his mossy green Jet Ski, hand out stretched as he tried to reach me.

I thought I heard something along the lines of "don't be scared" but I was too scared to pay attention. I raced over to the waiting hand and struggled to get up. My leg slipped off the back in my first attempt but I quickly corrected it. I placed both knees on the thin ledge and pushed up. I soon as I was standing, I flopped down on the seat and gripped the straps of his life jacket. I wanted to cough up the last of the water but I wasn't about to let go again. He looked back to make sure I was well seated and we began our bumpy way back to the safety of the bridge. I made a mental note to ask my biology teacher how it could be so wavy in open water but in the little patch of water in between bridges it could be so calm.

When we finally made it back, I coughed, and then collapsed on Frank. I rested my head on his back, relieved to be on calm water again. I looked over at Yelkian and smiled weakly. It was at that moment that Frank decided to kindly place his hand over mine.

"You ok," he asked sympathetically as he patted my hand twice.

Yelkian looked at me and smiled that cute little smile of hers. The one that told me she was mentally "aww"ing. I flashed her a quick "shut up" glance out of annoyance.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

I lifted my head from its resting place and sat up straight. Marcel said something I couldn't quite hear but I knew it had to be something about going fast or doing something fast because Frank responded "No, let's wait until she's not scared anymore."

"Man Mady, you went up kinda slow. If that was me, I would have gone up so fast."

I smiled at Yelkian and laughed. "I tried," I told her as we went idly by a bright green iguana. Jeez, who knew the beach could be so hazardous?