Never Give Up

Never give up.

Don't even try.

If you try to give up.

God will ask why.

He will ask, "Why did you do this?

Why didn't you care?

Isn't life with me

Enough to make you dare?

Isn't the suffering on the cross

Of my one and only son

To show my love for you

Enough to help you carry on?

Aren't my love letters to you

And the friends inside your life

And all the skills I've given you

Enough to make you try with all your might?

Am I not good enough?" asks the Creator of the world.

"I gave you family and a home.

Don't say I didn't.

I see your name upon my scroll.

So, don't give up.

For I am right here.

Though you can't see or touch me

I am listening—all ears

And I am always right there,

Right by your side.

In trouble or in joy

I'll be lifting you up high.

On eagle's wings, we'll fly and soar.

It will be amazing.

Believe me, I'll make sure.

Don't end your life.

There's so much to live for.

So many things to accomplish.

God, friends, family…and so much, much more.

I promise, if you help me teach others.

I'll have blessings for you, and a relationship like no other.

And even if you're not too extreme.

And you're just having a bad day.

Don't you dare give up your dream.

Don't give up on good or let yourself fold away.

Because I'm here for you, and I'll always be.

If you give me you. Then, I'll give you me.