The Guardian

The night is coming.

To cast the sky in darkened hues,

To work its wicked ways,

Innocent and ignorant,

Beneath the rising moon

-Bright as bone-

-Glaring in the night-

An innocent lies.

Slumbering in her bed,

Forgetting all her tutors have said,

She sleeps on.

Ignorant of the winds wolfish howl,

Unwitting of the night's unearthly prowl,

She sleeps on.

The night is coming.

To cast its shadow upon her head,

Precisely, as the seer has said

Posthaste to the cathedral they fled

Its stonewalls of brick, so wide and thick

"Here is safe," they think.

-Lay her upon blessed bed

-Lay her upon consecrated ground

All this they said, in whispers and worry.

Forgetting in panics pace,

That humble,

With hands tightly clasped,

Faith unfailing

Was all they need be…

She slept, slumbering in her land of dreams

Where no dark or demon could venture,

Safe in herself, she huddled…

Room going cold

-Touch of ice-

-Breath of the beyond-

The night grew bold.

They paced and panicked,

-Worn and weary-

A room away,

"How long is the night!" was all they say.

The night crept on.

Creeping and crawling

-Circling, waiting, watching-

As patience grew thin, and the faithful fell…

Between dawn and dusk,

Between dark and day,

The night did say:

"Come hither, come hither,

And to you I'll give the world away!"

Eyes open, eyes unseeing, lay she

-Huddled in silence-

To the dark, she had naught to say.

Eyes closed,

-With an innocents faith-

Hands clasped loose

-With trusting belief-

Murmuring words,

-With quiet confidence-

Eyes serenely shut.

A touch upon her face

-A breath of light-

-A sent of roses red-

A sense of wings unfurled,

As around her

-In guarding-

They curled.

With a gentle gesture

-A wind like caress-

Banishing any distress

…She slept on.

The night had come and the night had gone

Whence came the morning

-Upon the ground-

A feather

-White as driven snow-

Was all she found.

But of all this, to her parents

She said not a sound.