The Weary Wanderer

-Coming upon a traveler along side the road, the man asked-

"Where go you weary wanderer?

Are you taken by the sea, stranger?

A temperamental mistress is she!


The sea and her sirens call,

Are you at her thrall?

Where go you wary wanderer?

Are you taken by the glint and glimmer?

Of dwarvin treasure, deep down

Where 'tis dark and dank?

Where go you winsome wanderer?

Are you taken by the forbidden forest?

Wherein the song of nature is loud,

Wherein the touch of mortal and men…

Is least.

If to this you go,

Be warned!

Be wary!

For those who wander in,

Ne'er again are seen about.

Why do you wander, weary walker?

Does no house call you name,

Does no remembrance of home

Warm your thoughts.

What seek you, in foreign land?

Surely, to this end, you'd not planned."

-And thus the tired traveler replied-

"Where go I?

I go to the sea

Far from a land as changing as She!

Were there at least,

Perhaps, at peace I may be.

Where go I?

I go dwarf-kind,

Deep down,

Were little light shows.

Where of me, no one knows.

Where go I?

I go to the forest,

Forbidden, though it may be.

I have neither wish nor want,

Of companionship,

Or company.

A friend can betray,

A father can turn away,

And of a house and land, this I'll say:

"My king and kind has forsake me,

And thus a wanderer 'ever more

Shall I be."