By way of running from you

I wish to find myself again

I can't bear to see your crying face

I want to know

If you're willing to let go

Of what scares you, of what I've become

We run in the twilight of the dusk

In separate directions, we run from each other

But no matter how far we run

We can't forget about each other

Setting sun, rising moon

Our tidings of eternal sleep

To run about a world this wrong

We know we won't get far from here

Chasing us…

They're chasing us…

Making us afraid…

Destroying salvation into a maddening panic…

Maddening panic that devours us

Devouring our confidence

As rain falls from a shadowed sky

We hope to see the end

Of the turmoil that has risen,

And safety that we'll send.

Each other.