Kristy consider herself to be an ordinary 16 year old. She has a boy friend Scott and hangs with friends. Kristy's not in the coolest crowd, but not a geek either, just an ordinary girl. Everything about Kristy was perfectly ordinary until she came into her life and things were never ordinary again.

Kristy was at Scott's place for a party. His parents had gone away and left him alone hence the party. A group of 5 girls entered and the talking had lowered to murmurs and whispers with eyes on them. Scott went up and then brought them over to his girl friend.

"Right then" announced Scott "this is my girlfriend Kristy" putting her on display as he usually does. Kristy never considered herself overly attractive, but Scott adored her and she really like him and that's all that mattered.

"These are the surfing chicks I met today. I'm sorry but I've forgotten your names" said Scott

One girl immediately stepped forward giving the impression of extreme confidence. She introduced herself as Dale. She had a well defined figure that showed she worked out quite regularly, blonde, shoulder length hair, and wore a T-Shirt and faded jeans.

With her was Mel another blonde but hair very short and not overly friendly. Then there was Shaz and Laura whom seemed unsually close to each other but friendly, and then there was Donna whom seemed to just flirt with everyone including Kristy's boy friend.

She grabbed Scott another beer and listen to him brag about his latest surfing feat to whom everyone was listening. His arm slipped around Kristy's waist and pulled her in for a kiss. They parted when one of the girls cleared her throat.

"So Kristy you surf as well?" asked Dale

Kristy was about to answer when Scott replied on her behalf "No she sits on the beach and watches me! Don't you babe" and kisses her cheek

She just nods and Dale smiles at her "Well maybe you should try it sometime, it's an absolute experience."

Again Kristy opened her mouth but Scott "Oh Kristy wouldn't be able to carry the surf board let alone keep her balance." He laughed and grabbed his girlfriend's ass "No she doesn't need to surf that's my role…. Isn't it babe" and squeezes her ass again.

Kristy blushed and just shrugged at his comment

Mel spoke up in short tone "Do you speak at all sweetie" and winked at Dale

"Yes I do" Kristy growled not amused by her question, then walked off to mingle with her friends

The girls didn't stay around very long and before leaving Dale approached Kristy

"Surfing isn't just a guy thing" stated Dale

"I know that, but Scott's right, and I probably wouldn't like it anyhow " in a matter of fact tone

"You can't say that if you have never tried it Kristy"

Kristy shrugs "well I can't see that being any time soon, Scott likes to surf with his friends, there are no girls and I wouldn't want to embarrass him"

"Well why don't you come out with us tomorrow morning and let me teach you, then you can be more than just a show piece for him" Dale offers and nods her head towards a drunken Scott

"I am not a show piece" she bites back at Dale

"oh hey my apologies I didn't mean to offend you, I just don't like guys who see girls as just possessions. Look come out and have a go then make your decision on whether you like it or not. So tomorrow morning early.... like 6.00am."

"Maybe….I" but Kristy never got chance to reply because her friends dragged Dale away and out the door.

I headed back to Scott who was pretty much inebriated now "Interesting girls eh" and lets off a snigger

"They're ok, I think it's fantastic that they surf" Kristy said admiringly

Scott laughed harder "na they can't, but what they should be doing is siting on the beach and looking pretty just like you hunny" he leaned in for a kiss but Kristy pushed him away disgusted at his remark

"I'm leaving" she announced and stormed off hearing Scott laughing in the background