Warning; again more sexual content

The next day Dale picked up the phone countless times, dialled then hung up. She picked up her keys the same amount but never left the shack. She was broke, out of beer and the surf was too sloppy to be out in. She felt empty, alone and collapsed on her bed and cried herself to sleep.

"Honey you have to eat something" encouraged Kristy's mum.

It was 11am next day and Kristy hadn't left her room, her bed.

"Mum I just want to be alone" tears started to fall again

Her Mum strokes her head "honey please just tell me what's wrong….. have you and Scott had a falling out."

Kristy hugged her Mum and cried, it was easy to lie than deal with the truth

"yeh Mum, Scott and I have broken up".

Dale packed her gear and decided on leaving a day early, but determined to go for one last surf before heading off.

Dale was at the surf 6 am and sat on beach for half an hour hoping the surf would improve its condition. It didn't so she dragged her board into the water . She had only made a few good rides, but found it hard to keep her balance. She looked up at the shoreand noticed someone at the water's edge. The person waves and Dale headed in.

"hey"said Kristy handing Dale a towel.

"Hi…..umm how are you." She asked softly

Kristy looked away at first trying to hold out "Ï miss you" looking back at Dale

Dale nodded "Ï miss you too."

They stood around for a few minutes not saying much. Dale finished towelling off and Kristy put the cover on her surf board. Dale started to undress from her wetsuit

"ït looks like it's going to rain"said Kristy

Dale didn't say anything she just held the towel to her face and that's when Kristy realised Dale was also struggling

"Kristy….I" started Dale "Ï'm sorry… I'm sorry I ever let you get involved with me. I just stuff up everything you know." Fights back tears

Kristy said nothing just reaches for Dale's lips, kissing her passionately. She took a step back but Dale just reached for her again their lips met urgently as the rain started in

The rain hit the shack roof hard but only the sounds of passion echoed inside. They fought for dominance in Dale's bed, but Kristy won out and was down tasting Dale's sweetness, she was swollen, gushing.

Dale felt like her body was going to explode and grabbed the headboard of the bed. Kristy attacked Dale's clit again causing Dale to cry out, her body trembling uncontrollably as Kristy ripped her orgasm from deep inside.

Kristy moved back up to Dale and saw the fear in her eyes. "Dale what is… what's wrong"

Dale grabbed Kristy's hands "Come with me…. Come with me please Kristy. We would have the best time, it would be just you and me" urged Dale

"Dale I can't" Kristy shakes her head

Dale persisted "It would be agreat way to see the country, meet people and learn life's skills.

"Dale" Kristy called again "Ï can't"

Dale jumped out of bed and paced the floor,tears flowing freely. Kristy gets out of bed and reaches for her

"Dale listen"

Dale faces her "Ï love you Kristy…. I have never felt this" hold her chest "please say you will come with me...please" she begs at her

"Dale I want to finish school, I want to be a school teacher, that is my goal. Not surfing that's your life."

Dale shook her head then stopped and looked up excitedly

"Well then I'll stay here" she said confidently "Ï'll get a job, set up my own surf shop I can do that" not sure who she was tryingto convince with that suggestion

Kristy sighs and grabs Dale "Dale no…. You have to go…tomorrow….tomorrow you leave that's the way its to be"

Dale looked hurt "but I just told you I"

Kristy held her mouth close "don't…. I heard and it just makes it harder. Please come back to bed and just hold me.

Morning came around quickly, neither really getting much sleep.

Dale threw the last of her things into the ute and faced Kristy who was putting on a brave face.

"Kristy I'll never forget our time….. I don't regret it…. You are an amazing young woman."

Kristy hugs her and then steps back "go on…and say hi to the girls for me."

Dale lowered her eyes "Ï'll miss you"

"Ï know… I won't be forgetting you any time soon." and sealed their parting with a kiss . "Goodbye Dale and take care"

Dale got in the ute and and drove off. She looked back in her rear vision mirror but Kristy had already walked off.

The end