Thank You

By ChuChu101

A/N: This is just a little drabble I felt like writing down. Nothing much. You don't have to review if you don't want to. It's not meant to be a story or anything.

Thank you. Thank you for family, friends, strangers, and enemies. Thank you for dreams, happiness, sadness, emotions… For laughter and jokes. For teachers, parents, and even hobos on the street. Thank you for hard-learned lessons and for our mistakes. Thank you for computers, movies, TV, music, stories, books…

Thank you for time. Time is one of the greatest mysteries and things to me. I think about it all the time… It's scary in a way. Always moving and never stopping, bringing everything along with it. Time never really had a beginning, and it won't ever end. It is one of the most powerful things, yet… hardly any of us are aware of that. Time is more powerful than science, beliefs, dreams… and maybe even God, if God exists. You can NEVER stop time. One second is never like another. The world always changes through time.

To some, there just isn't enough time, while to others, time seems to go by too slowly. Times… changes… It makes me sad when I actually think about it.

As time goes by, your loved ones eventually pass away. One day, we will too. Then, your children live, but before they know it, death comes knocking at their door. It's a cycle that never stops.

Thank you for animals, plants... for LIFE. Life is one of the most precious things we are given. One thing I've learned from a hard-learned lesson in my own life, is that you should live your life the way you want… because you never know when your last moment will be.

Thank you for death. I'm not sure Death has taught me something yet… but I'm thanking you for it anyway. We couldn't live without it.