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Pete approached Karen slowly, careful not to trip or do anything embarassing. He rehearshed what he would say his mind again.

He was ten feet away. His heart was pumping more blood than his limbs would ever need. His palms were sweaty. He tried to keep his cool.

Five feet. Maybe he should turn back... no; she had seen him. A bright smile lit the magnificent features of her face as she anticipated him.

'Good,' he thought, 'she's happy to see you. This shouldn't be too hard.'

This was said too soon. He had finally reached her.

"Hi," she said, the words escaping gracefully from her soft lips.

'Say hi.'
Pete said nothing.

"Pete, are you okay?"

'Pete, say something you retard.'
"I love you."

"What?" her smile had faded. She looked serious, but not angry.

'Great, you really blew it now.'
"Ummm....listen I...."

"Pete what are you trying to say?"

'If you had only stuck to the lines, If you had stuck to them, none of this would've happened. Now she thinks that you're a freak.'
"Shut up! The lines are cheezy!"

"Excuse me?" she seemed slightly offended.

"No, I'm not speaking to you. I was speaking to myself. Look I just want to ask you out."

Karen looked taken aback. "That's all?"

"Yeah, I think so." Pete was beginning to feel relaxed.

"You said that you loved me," Karen sounded amused, "what's up with that?"

"I don't know, I guess I just panicked."

"That's okay. I'll go out with you," Pete swore he heard a hint of playfulness in her voice, "because you're cute."

"What, me?"

"Yeah, you. You're quite a catch."
They looked at each other. For a moment Pete felt something he rarely ever felt: esteem. For a moment he forgot about all the people that used to pick on him, he forgot that he was labelled a loser. All that he could focus on at the moment was the fact that Karen Williams wanted to go out with him, but that was only for a moment.

There was a thud. It took a while for Pete to realize that Karen was lying on the floor in a stunningly growing pool of blood, with a rock beside her head.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry! I aimed for that mime! Oh God, is she okay?"
A man came running in their direction.
"Is she okay?" he asked again

'What do you think?'
"What the hell do you think?" Pete vented for the first time in his life.

Pete couldn't believe his luck. He had finally asked her out, and she had gone and died.
'Well, at least you know you're cute.'

The End