Title: Rants about Random Stuff

Summary: Basically when I'm bored I'll start typing so I thought, why not put that to use? Most likely I'll type random stuff bout my life, like what happened today. Or then again I might put stuff bout flying dogs… Flying dogs…

I wanna see a flying dog one day! I'd probably be screaming "Holy Shisa! (Shisa is sht pronounced in German. It's probably not the right way to type it, but I don't care. I mean this is just me typing random stuff!)

In Peter Pan, if a flying dog took Wendy's place, do you think Peter Pan would start to like the dog instead? That'd be weird. Just imagine, the entire Peter Pan movie changed into a dog infested show…

If cats could fly, would all birds become extinct? I mean, cats only can't catch birds because they can fry. So if the cats learned to fly it'd be able to catch all of the birdies!

A world where no birds exist… Aww! That'd be sad. I mean when it's morning you wouldn't hear any of those annoying loud chirps. You wouldn't see any of those bird vs. squirrel fights… I never see then end of those shows, it's weird… Which ends up winning? I really don't know!

I still feel like typing, but not that much, so just… ya! Lol. If anyone reviews for this… That'd be weird. Read and review, I'll return the favor unless if all you have are stories that have three of more chapters up already. If you read any good poems or stories, can you tell me? I'd rather poems over stories, but any romance stories that update often and only have one or two chapters up will work too… I repeated myself a lot didn't I? Oh well! Well Talk to ya all lata!