Title: To Close for My Comfort

It was just a typical day in French class when something that's supposing funny happened.

After we watched Channel One- it's a news station that the school I'm at watches- Mrs. Fortune told us to say the end of the French alphabet. Basically we had to say "Now I said my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me?" except in French. I mean, of course, we are in French Class!

Anyways, after we practiced together as a class Mrs. Fortune started to say how she could see my lips moving, but she couldn't hear anything. After a while, we had to say it row by row. Unfortunately for me there's only Taylor and me on the row that I'm at. After we repeated it two or three, Mrs. Fortune still said, "I still can't hear you Angel. Taylor, I think that you saying it wrong is messing her up! Say it again you two."

During the middle of it she walked over and bent down in front of my face. You know how some people tend to have a fast reflex and they do something without even having time to think about it first? Well, my hand went up and made contact with her face and pushed her away.

I couldn't believe that I did that and the weird thing is that I just kept on saying the "quote". My friend, Linda, started to laugh. I was kind of confused because I didn't really see what was so funny about it. When Linda asked me why I did that I didn't lie to her, I didn't see why I should. I told her that Mrs. Fortune was to close to me for my comfort so I pushed her away.

Since that day Mrs. Fortune never put her face near me again!

A/N- Okay, so this really happened to me… HOW THE HELL IS IT FUNNY THOUGH? I just wanted to ask cause Linda won't tell me. Elizabeth wasn't there. Craig… Well, he's just to odd!