I am Who I am

Love me for who I am.

Hate me for what's inside.

Know me before you hate me.

Try to accept me before you say no.

Think it through,

Before you betray me.

Think of what you're doing,

Before you backstab me.

Don't like me,

Because of what you see.

Like me,

Because of how I act.

Don't hate me,

Because of what they say.

Hate me for how I truly am.

Accept me for who I really am.

Don't hate me because I'm unique.

I am who I am,

And I always will be,

No more and no less.

A/N: You know what I can't stand? When people hate you just because of what others say about you. They don't even try to get to know you and they just judge you. They just start with the whole she/he did this and that. What I don't get is why they never get the courage to just say to your face what they think about you… Sorry bout the rant. Anyways, read and review… I might review back. I usually do, unless if you only have stories. I don't review for stories that already have 3 chapters or any stories that haven't updated for a long time… Sorry about this rant too. lol.