The Dream of Freedom

In between dreams when we see the sky

In between love when all had died

We live like thieves begging for a life

Walking around like men afraid of the kitchen knife


Did we always want to be so wrong?

Always thinking the blind feminist leader was coming along

Spilling poison and killing us with words

All she ever said was, "I hope it really hurts"


The dominatrix found it easy to buy our soul

Only to find it was as black as coal

She took up a whip and tied down our head

And left us lying helpless on the bed


We never struck back because we threw the first stone

By subduing their feelings, keeping them in the prison of home

The rebels were asked, "Would you like to vomit again?

Cause I think it will help take away the pain"


Our pain is better than a million screams

People still haunted by our dreams

Freedom never had a price

And they never thought twice