Hi All! Yes… it has been pretty much ten years since I las updated this, but… an idea struck me, so I've written it down. Also, I watched the new Assassins Creed movie and it kind of inspired me a little. We'll see how it goes, but please enjoy the next chapter of The Fall :D


Nothing seemed right or real as I sat on the step outside the healers home, staring down at the unopened letter I held in my hands. I rubbed my thumb over it, feeling like it was the only sure thing right now. But… even that… I wasn't even sure what my mother had written… or if I wanted to read it. What would a ruthless assassin say?

And yet… my actions… could I really judge her, after what I had just done?

I was barely aware of the dagger that had been placed at my feet, knowing the blade was slowly pooling blood onto the ground near me. So much blood…

How could I have… how could I be okay with-

"You know, you are well past the age of betrothal" The voice made me jump a little, turning to look up at Elian, a warm smile crossing her features as she sat on the step next to me, a hand on my shoulder.

"Well… I doubt anyone would want to… you know…" I looked away from her, a lump forming in my throat as the images of what I'd just done flashing through my mind again.

"Ceyan, you are much too hard on yourself. You are a beautiful young woman, and I am so proud to know you. And I am quite sure your future husband will think the same thing"

"I'm the child of a ruthless assassin and a traitor" I felt the tears start to well, not bothering to try and wipe them away. I had finally said it… and I wasn't sure if I should feel relieved or hurt.

"Oh my dear girl…" I felt her try and wipe the tears away, but I moved my head away from her.

"Your mother… yes, she could be ruthless, even cold at times. But… she also loved, and fiercely. Your uncle… her brother… was her world. But…" I saw her look away, and fought to wipe my own tears away just to see her.

She looked… almost upset.

Over my mother?

"What happened?"

"Well… I would prefer not to go into it. But he got taken from her when she was just a little older than you are now. She was… well, I had never seen Rayne cry until that day"

All I had heard of my mother was stories of her bravery, the fight in her. The times when she had been almost close to death, and yet still walked back into camp without flinching. But this…

When Elian turned back, there were tears in her eyes, even as she smiled, taking my chin in her hand.

"You… you were her saving grace. You might not believe it… but…"

The door to the house opening made us both turn around, looking up at the healer who was wiping his hands with a dirty cloth.

"Is Alec okay?" I practically leapt to my feet, seeing a frown crease the old man's brow, sighing heavily.

"He'll live. He's a tough bastard, I'll give him that much" He shook his head, looking back into the brightly lit room "But he is getting older, and he may not heal as fast…or as well… as he used to"

"Thank you" I bowed my head respectfully, and he returned it.

"You may go see him now, but only one at a time. I would prefer my patient not be overwhelmed"

"Ceyan, do you mind if I go see him first?" Elian's face was almost begging, and I had a moment of panic, before I realised that Elian was truly worried about Alec. The fear in her eyes…

"Okay. But… don't be too long" I forced a smile, and she returned it, patting my cheek.

"I won't dear. But… maybe keep yourself… occupied… while you wait" She winked, indicating to the letter still in my hands, before she was gone, the healer with her.

I looked down at the paper, running my fingers across the seal, before remembering the necklace that Elian had put on me.

The seal… it was a bird, just like the necklace.

Slowly, I slipped my finger under the seal, feeling it separate before opening the piece of paper.

Surprisingly, the writing was neat and a little sloped, almost delicate. Part of me wondered if it was actually her that had written this note, but I knew… Elian or Alec wouldn't have given me something fake or misleading.

Tears started to fill my eyes as I read, knowing this was the woman who brought me into this world… even if I didn't know her.

Dearest Ceyan,

I don't know when you'll get this, or even if you'll read this, but I do not know what tomorrow will bring, and there is so much I need to tell you. So… I will do my best to write it in a letter.

First of all, my dearest daughter, I love you… more than I can ever put into words. I have never been one to feel or show true affection, but something about you… my flesh and blood… brings out this wonderful side of me I never thought I would have again. Not since your uncle Patrick was… taken… from me. I forgot what it was like to smile… until you came.

My gorgeous little girl, that you are my world, and I would do anything to keep you safe. You give me a reason to live, to keep fighting and to protect what is truly important to me. Hopefully, after tomorrow, we can live without fear.

Secondly… I'm so sorry. If you are reading this, it means that I've left you. Please, understand that I didn't want this for you, but at least you will have your father to protect you. I know you'll be okay with him.

What I will do tonight isn't just for you, or me, but for everyone. Our king is cruel, and corrupt, and he must be stopped, by any means possible. And, unfortunately, I am the only one that can complete this task.

I hope one day you'll understand why I did this, and that you'll be safe, wherever you end up. I can't thank you enough for coming into my life and giving it meaning again. Everything I have is in this box that you will find my letter in, and all of it is yours to keep when… if… I don't return tonight.

Love you with all my heart, my little moonshine.

Mama Rayne.

Sure, it was awkward, and strange to read, but I held the piece of paper close, crumpling it as I did so. Tears spilled down my cheeks, realising that my mother really wasn't as bad as I originally thought she was.

She loved me, and I gave her a reason to fight. And a reason to finally take down the biggest threat of this country. She did it… for the people she loved…

She did it for me.


The gentle voice behind me made me jump a little, looking up to see Elian stepping out the door.

"He's all yours sweetheart"

I knew she'd seen my tears, but seemed to decide to ignore them as she stepped aside for me to go into the room. I stood up, still holding the crumpled paper, slowly moving into the room.

The first thing I noticed was Alec trying to sit up, but the healer stopped him, scolding him a little. I saw the bigger man sigh, laying back down as his eyes landed on me.

A big smile came upon his lips, which reached his eyes as he watched me sit beside him on the makeshift bed.

"There you are! Thought you might have run off by now"

"Uh… no. I just…"

His brow furrowed, and his face turned serious as he reached for my hand, taking it in his and squeezing a little.

"Pup, what's wrong?"

"Today was… seeing you hurt… I… I'm sorry"

He smiled a little, squeezing my hand again.

"Ceyan, I understand the first time can be hard. But… in a fight to the death, it is either you or them. And… I would prefer it be you that lives"

"I know. It's why you… why you've been training me"

He nodded, suddenly looking away. The look on his face was almost… remorseful.

"But I-" A lump caught in my throat as he looked up at me, knowing what I was going to say next would be the right thing to say. And the decision… I knew…


I took a deep breath, finally letting go of the paper enough for him to see what it was. I saw his eyes widen a little.

"Her letter… you finally read it"

I nodded a little, sucking in another breath and looking right at my mentor.

I knew… the only reason I was still alive up until this point, was because of him. Because if he hadn't taken me in… if he hadn't done what he did today.

He'd fought for me. He had always fought for me.

Another breath, and I closed my eyes for a moment, before opening them and meeting his bright blue eyes.

"Alec… I think… I might have found a reason to fight"