I remember the first day we met as clearly as any other. I remember how nervous I was, how uncomfortable, trying too hard on my first day of my first job. I remember the scratchy material of the apron on my neck, the heavy ice cream scoopers, and the first words you ever spoke to me. "You're doing it wrong," you said, annoyed eyes looking down on me. You were sitting up high on a stool behind the counter, reading a novel that was folded in half so I couldn't see the title. I imagined it later to be something intellectual, something impressive, like The Federalist Papers, maybe. You sighed, placed your novel on the counter with a soft thud, and stood close to me, showing me how to use the ice cream scooper.

You made me feel like an awkward little girl, learning to ride a bike for the first time. Your big hands grabbed my small ones and helped me make a mint chocolate chip cone for a 10 year-old boy. Your body brushed my hips, probably looking awkward to everyone in line. I hardly knew you. I wasn't even positive I knew your name. Later, I learned it was Ayden, and I thought it suited you.

As the June days turned into July ones, we saw more and more of each other. I realized you weren't so cynical, so annoyed at me, or so superior. You weren't my boss, you were my coworker, and I didn't have a reason to be intimidated by you. We had some fun times on slow days, some might say, making the best of a bad summer job.

I remember the first time you kissed me more clearly than anything. I remember how I finished making a mint chocolate chip cone for a 7 year-old girl and how she left us alone in the shop, ringing the bell as she slammed the door. I remember hearing you jump off your stool with a thud. I remember turning around and ending up closer to you than I had ever been—with the exception of the first ice cream scooper lesson. I remember you leaning in, brushing your lips with mine, and then laughing as you pulled away.

"You're doing it wrong," you said, eyes sparkling.

There wasn't the slightest trace of annoyance in your voice.

just a short piece i wrote when i was bored. it's not a true story or anything. i hope it entertained you for a few minutes. :D