Funny how you used to stare with ease into my eyes,

and when the clouds were dark and a million skies

were painted black... you would hold me as we watched the rain,

and we'd forget about our sadness, our darkness and our pain.

Funny how we used to play sweet games like children do;

we built our forts ontop of joy and warmth. Bet then that no one knew

that our forts were soon to crumble, that our warmth was soon to freeze

and that our joy was soon to wisp away on an early morning breeze.

Funny how we used to laugh like it was all we knew,

and as we laughed... we danced, and our spirits only grew

into great passionate entities. We were bound together in heart,

To stay like that forever, until our souls were torn apart.

Funny how you used to wrap me tight in your cocoon

And never want to let me go, but know you'd have to soon,

Because butterflies we were, and butterflies break free...

Funny how we were in love, my best friend (you) and me.