The Queen of Motel 6

She stands there waiting by the window sill
Gazing over her asphalt kingdom
Lacey white camisole showing through the blue satin robe
Naked legs soaking up the moonlight
Stiff warm breeze fills her chestnut hair
Faint flutters of expensive perfume linger in the air

Resting her elbows on the sill she leans over the edge
Watching the pools of light beneath each post
Hoping that a figure will emerge from the darkened pathway
Revealing himself and smiling up at her
A bright pearly smile attached to a six foot frame
Draped in a dark button down shirt
Suite jacket thrown over his shoulder
Her knight in khaki armor

He will scale the side of the building
Pull himself up onto the window sill
And step silently into the room
Moving closer
Footprints linger in the plush new carpet
So close she can feel his warm breath on her

Smelling of spearmint and tobacco
Firmly pulling her close
So close they can feel the beating of each others hearts
Racing hearts intertwined as one
Speeding towards the finish line
Leaning forward
So close feeling the excitement building
Lips embrace in a furry of passion
An eternity of waiting fulfilled in one fleeting moment

Lightning crashes in jubilation within her soul
Ecstasy envelopes her body
So strong she can barely stand
Held up only by his firm embrace
His eyes like deep pools of eternity
Gaze back at her and thank her for waiting so very long

But until then she will wait
Every night
She will watch from the her window
Gazing out over her asphalt kingdom
With subjects who know not who she is
For she is the Queen of Motel 6
And she hails from the second story window
On the corner of destiny
Straight onto the highway of passionate forever