I'm overweight

not lazy

not stupid

not lower class

I admit I'm weak

and tempted by sweets

I loose self control

I don't even know why

Do I eat because I'm bored?

Or because of emotional distress

I'm tall, and big boned, and yes,

I'll never be as thin as I pole.

I just want to be healthy

One day



I don't want to die of a heart attack at 29!

I've tried and failed many times

I can barely bring my self to admit

This my Addiction and my Sin

Even as these words flow out,

I think, "should I erase this all?"

I hate being fat, and this obese size

I need to loose weight

I need to overcome.

I wish too

But I can't move,

Like everything in my life, I stagnate,

No More,

I must overcome....

I will overcome

Please let me overcome

I need this, I want to live

I want to be healthy

Not Fat.