I thought I was someone special to you
But I guess I'm not
You never tell me your dreams anymore
Just disappear from my touch a lot
I don't understand why I don't matter now
Perhaps that special something is gone
I'm right here, however, so I suppose
That it's just moved on
To who or what I can only immagine
You swore you'd always be by my side
Bitter accidents have been known to happen
But more often should they be called bitter lies
I thought I was something special in your heart
Now I see I'm more a passing addiction to your brain
A touch, a kiss, or a empty spot
To you I get the impression that they're all the same
You never wish that I could see you these days
It feels like you wish that I would completely go away
Stop laughing like you love who I am
That's not me standing next to you, basking in the light of day.