Do You See The Laughter In Her Eyes?

by, Cassandra

See the laughter in her eyes?
She gets a kick out of watching me die.
The blood on her hands, it's all mine.
She's as much at fault for this as I am.

Around and 'round she goes,
like a hawk circling its prey.
And once again she laughs,
loving every gasping breath.

In her hand she holds the knife.
For this we'll share the blame.
I as good as told her to do it,
and now I know the mistake was mine.

I gave her all the ammunition
that she could ever need to bring me down.
Every tear that fell, every desperate plea.
I just wanted this to come to its end.

She gladly took this job.
She loves doing the dirty work.
Now I wish I'd gone a different way.
This is going to end all wrong.

She's been waiting forever to take my place
and finally show the world her face.
She'll willingly take this final step
and play this role the way I couldn't.

Do you see the laugher in her eyes?