It lay on the table so innocently, not moving or making any sound. It was a small enough object and black in a shiny sort of way. It was small enough not to seem threatening to anyone who didn't know the one purpose it was made for, but the girl knew that purpose all too well. As she stared at it, standing as still as the object itself, it seemed so complex, yet so simple. Despite its stillness, the object sent fearful shivers down her spine. She carefully kept her distance from it, not wanting to touch it. Yet she knew that her only choice was to use it. Only through that fear-inspiring object could she find peace of mind, a relief from her inner turmoil.

Even though she knew that once she went through with the final action, there would be no turning back, she found herself edging closer to that ominous, black object. Her shadow lay across it, dulling its shiny surface. Faintly she could see her reflection vaguely outlines on its surface. Again she hesitated, fear rising strongly within her, sending a flurry of butterflies to her stomach. Slowly she reached out a trembling hand to snatch up the object that would determine her fate. She placed it up against the side of her head, closing her eyes before taking the fatal plunge. Fingers twitching, she made her last move.

"Hello, may I please speak to...?"