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Here's chapter 32, Enjoy:

The boy kept a strong grip on the girl as she collapsed completely in his arms. He laid her gently on the ground before he removed his fangs from her neck and healed the wound with a simple swipe of his tongue. He laid a soft kiss of her forehead as he raised his head to look down on her peaceful face.

"Don't think that just because I allowed you to do that, that you are off the hook."

He glanced up at the older vampire who had spoken, "Of course, I would expect no less of you seeing as how you trained me so well."

"It seems my training you to be cold and heartless has worn off. Or maybe you were faking it the all these years."

The younger one snorted, "Oh, believe me… these past couple hundred years have gone by with me being cold, just like you taught me so well all those years ago. But, I met the most amazing girl who changed all that and she taught me that it was okay to open my heart and love someone," he explained, "You know, it's not a crime to love someone Carson."

Carson scoffed, but the younger one continued before he could retaliated, "Just because you've been hurt by love doesn't mean the rest of us have to turn into cold heartless jerks. And, even if we do, as you had taught me, it doesn't mean we can't revert back when we find someone worth loving."

Carson glared at him, "You are no longer welcomed here, Kyle. Take the girl and her brother back to their house and when you return here I expect you to pack your few belongings and leave. I want you gone before sunrise."

Kyle nodded, "Very well then. I don't want to be here anyway, surrounded by so much negativity about love. Not to mention, the thoughts and actions towards humans; a couple of weeks ago I would have been as cold as you, but not anymore. I'll leave when you want me too, but I'll leave you with this… you can't run from your past or love for that matter. That's what Elizabeth did and look where it got her."

"Yea… stuck in a mess all caused by her father."

Kyle nodded, "Well, that's part of it… but the other part is this: your past catches up with you and love follows. It's just the way things are."

Carson looked disgusted, "It's disgusting how that girl has changed your perspective on things so quickly."

Kyle shrugged, "I can't help it… I think she's changing me for the better and I'm not going to fight it."

"You were one of my best, but you just had to go fall in love. Have no worries though… I'll find someone to replace you quickly." he glanced pointedly at David who stood off to the side, looking bored, but he perked up when Carson glanced at him, "I think your brother would make an excellent replacement."

David snorted at that, "Ha, yea… sorry buddy, but I don't want much to do with you or your little group either. I'm sick of this "clan" crap anyway and I'm going out on my own."

Darren, standing near David, was the next one to snort at that, "You," he pointed to the boy, "out on your own? Ha… the idea is laughable at best. I've never seen you do much of anything on your own before, David."

"So? It's better than being in this hell hole fighting over pointless shit." David shrugged, "if I learned anything from this whole experience it was that. I want to see the world, and I'm obviously not going to be able to do that if I'm in any "clan" that makes up all these rules, can I? Now, if everyone would excuse me, I'm going to help my brother take these two back to their house and then I'm out of here as well."

The few people that were still present stared at him, but he ignored their stares as he made his way over to the unconscious girl. However, Kyle wasn't about to let him near her, he wrapped his arms protectively around her and pulled her up against his body, her head fell backwards to lean on his chest, "Don't come any closer, David, I won't let you touch her."

"My my aren't we possessive?" David asked, "Did you forget, dear brother, that she was with me first?"

"Please tell me that you're not going to resort to claiming her as yours since you came across her first." Kyle said, "Honestly, David, that would just be sad… you might have had her first and might have fallen in love with her first too, but it's too late. You had your chance and you lost it."

David glared at him, but really had nothing to say because what his brother said, was true. He was in love with the girl, but he had just realized it a bit too late; after, she had gone and fallen in love with his brother. But, David wasn't about to lose her so quickly, "We'll just have to see who she picks when she wakes up then. If you think I'm just going to let you have her without a fight, then you are sadly mistaken."

Kyle rolled his eyes, "Of course not… I would have been surprised if you had just accepted this and moved on. As it stands, we can see who she picks when she wakes up, but we can't be near her, when she does… for she can't have a relationship with either one of us, we're too different. I was going to just drop her off, but if you want to tag along then you're welcomed to, but once we see who it is she loves then we must go."

"How are we going to do that?"

"You'll see," Kyle replied before picking Elizabeth up bridal style, as she reached to put her arms around his neck, the girl had already done that, he sent a pointed stare at David who scoffed, "That doesn't prove anything."

"Fine then… you take her and see if she does it for you."

Ha…very well, but you'll see that…" he trailed off as he took the unconscious girl and realized that she didn't do the same thing with him, she just stayed limp in his arms, head hanging back with arms lying carelessly by her side and after a few moments, it was proven that she had no intentions of wrapping them around his neck since they stayed useless by her side. David looked annoyed as he handed her back to his brother, "I still want to come with you."

Kyle nodded, "I expected you to say that," he shifted Elizabeth slightly in his arms, "if you're coming with me, I'm leaving now. If you would be so kind as to grab her brother for me."

David looked annoyed, but very reluctantly grabbed the other boy and slung him carelessly over his shoulder. Kyle rolled his eyes, thankful that Elizabeth wasn't awake to see how they were handling her brother, she would probably freak out.

The two brothers walked silently to Liam's car, with no further interruptions from any of the few vampires standing around. Once they reached the old Toyota Camry, David fished the keys out Liam's pocket before handing them to Kyle who refused, "No… if you want to come with me then you'll drive," and before he could ask, Kyle told David what to do with Liam, "put him in the front seat… it's late so if we pass anyone, he'll just look like he's asleep, if they can see him at all."

"And what are you going to do with her?"

"I'm going to sit her in the back with me."

David opened his mouth to protest by Kyle stopped him, "Hey… you were the one that wanted to help, if you don't like what I want you to do then you could always not come."

David glared at him, but did what he was order to, albeit, a bit reluctantly. However, he glared daggers at his brother while he dropped Liam off in the front passenger seat before walking around to the driver's side.

David sent his brother one more glare, which only intensified when he saw how close he was cuddled with Elizabeth; she was leaning on Kyle's shoulder with one arm loosely wrapped around his chest, while he had his arm protectively around her shoulders. David turned around and started the car, not wanting to look at the happy couple any more; it did nothing but make him angry.

He put the car in drive and drove down the long driveway, heading back to the city. The clock showed that it was just past three in the morning, which gave them plenty of time to get both Elizabeth and her brother back to their house under the cover of darkness; the last thing either brother wanted was an audience.

"You know, it's a good thing I'm coming along."

"Why do you say that?"

David glanced at him through the rearview mirror, "Because, you don't have access to the house like I do. I've been invited inside."

"Hm… good for you, I suppose" Kyle shrugged, "I would have figured out a way had you not decided to tag along."

"Right…" David muttered.

Kyle ignored the disbelief in the other boy's voice, not wanting to argue about it, "Look, David… I just want to get them home safely and get out of this city, so I would rather not argue with you. Just drive."

"What? Are you not going to say goodbye to her?"

Kyle glanced down at the unconscious girl and traced her cheek with his index finger, "I don't have much of a choice. Carson wants me out by the time the sun rises and it'll take us at least an hour to get to her house which won't leave much time for a long goodbye. Besides, it's better this way. Easier for her and better for me."

"How is it easier or better?"

Kyle glared at the back of the seat in front of him, "I told you, I don't want to talk about it. I just want to get this over with." The unspoken truth was simple though, he didn't want to wait for her to wake up to say goodbye because he knew that it would be twice as hard to leave her and it would be extremely hard to explain his actions to her as well. She might be a half-vampire, but she still aged like a human and there was no way to prevent that since there was no known way to change a half-vampire into a full one. Not like it mattered anyway, Kyle highly doubted that she would be alright with the idea of him changing her if doing so was possible; vampirism was not for everyone. Besides, she was too innocent to be corrupted by something that was, when it got down to it, evil.

The rest of the ride was quiet. David drove and Kyle sat in the back, staring out the window while occasionally glancing at the unconscious girl lying in his arms. Trying not to think about how painful it was going to be to have to leave her, but they never could be together, no matter how much he wanted it to be so, it just wasn't. He shoved the thoughts aside and tried to focus on the short amount of time they had left together. Even if she was unconscious and wouldn't have any account of this at all, he was really just happy that he would be able to hold her once more time.

He leaned back in the chair and sighed, wishing this moment could last forever.


Elizabeth's eyes fluttered opened. She blinked, confused for a second, she was in a strange, new bed… she wiped the sleep from her eyes and blinked again. She sat up in the bed so fast she made herself dizzy. Closing her eyes, she waited for the nausea to pass before opening her eyes once more and staring in awe at her surroundings.

She was sitting in her own bed in her own bedroom.

A room that she hadn't seen for two weeks.

A room that she seriously thought that she would never see again.

She took a minute to study it; everything looked just how she remembered it… a few pieces of dirty clothes littered the floor, while her desk was still covered in papers. She glanced to her night table and did a double take when she realized that there was a couple of new things sitting next to her beside lamp, which was turned on and reflecting off the paper of the two new items.

She leaned over to get a good look and realized that they were photographs, both of a boy that after a moment, she recognized as Kyle and David…probably from when they were human since vampires couldn't have their picture taken, at least according to the myth… but then the myth had proven wrong already since they were apparently able to walk around in the sun. But, as she looked at them more closely, she realized that they were paintings, not photos which just gave her more proof that they had been drawn when they were human especially since they were both drawn with more tannish skin.

She picked up the one of Kyle first; he looked like a proper young boy of his time, perfectly cut hair and a nice suit that also fit the time. She wasn't into history so she wasn't quite sure what he was wearing, but it look rather expensive. He had a partial smile on his face, as if he wasn't exactly happy to be there, but he was determined to not be rude about it.

She smiled, it was a nice picture, one that she could remember him by.

She turned the picture around to see something written that was quite a surprise to her:

I'm setting you free… let's see if you come back to me.


It took her a second to realize that he was referring to the saying," If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it's yours, if it doesn't it wasn't meant to be."

It made her smile, but she knew that she and Kyle couldn't be together, not only because he was dead, literally this time, but even if he was alive, as David claimed him to be, they couldn't be anyway because he was undead, a vampire… part of the species and vampire clan that killed her father. That was just something that she could never forget or forgive.

However, that didn't mean that she couldn't keep the picture of him so she could always be reminded of the love she felt for the boy who stole her heart. She got up out of her bed and made her way over to her messy desk, and picked up the picture frame up that held the picture of her and Andy at his school's prom the year before. She looked at the smiling boy, still not believing that the boy she once was in love with was alive and well, nor that she was no longer in love with him. She slowly removed that photo and replaced it with the one of Kyle

She shivered slightly; getting the distinct impression that she was being watched. It wasn't a bad feeling, just a… feeling.

She slowly turned around, looking down into the backyard. A dark figure was standing in the shadow of a large oak tree situated at the back corner of the yard. Their face was hidden in the darkness, but she could tell that it was a boy, for she recognized his posture. That only intensified the fact that she knew who was watching her. Even if she couldn't see his face, she knew, somehow that she was looking at him in the eye.

The longer she stared, the more she realized that who she was probably staring at, but before she could think much on it, the dark figure was gone and she was left wondering and staring blankly out the window for a few more seconds. The dark figure didn't returned so she turned her back on the window and her eyes came to focus on the picture again and she smiled slightly, albeit sadly as she took one last glance at the photo on the desk before she left the room in hopes of finding her brother since she had a feeling that they had done to him what they had done to her.

As she left her cluttered bedroom she made a pact with herself: she was going to get her life back in order… one way or another. And, she was going to forget about the boy who had stolen her heart; since she knew dwelling on him would only make it harder to let go and move on.

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