Kieran: By Kir Sirin.

The waters getting warmer so you might as well swim.
Ayasal. Friend? Or just a loser?

Kinnara shook his head. "I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting company."
"Ha, funny, neither was I!" Ayasal appeared in the sky and landed on Kinnara's shoulders. He winked at Kiya. "Thought I left, didn't ya?" He shook his head, still grinning. "No faith I tell you. It's so hard to find decent women these days."
"Where'd you come from?!" Kinnara demanded.
"Well..." Ayasal took a breath. "My father was a ninja, hence the cool ninja trick I just did, and my mother was a prostitue..." He shrugged. "Not much of a family, I tell ya." He looked at the sword on Kinnara's back. "Hey! Awesome sword!" He took it from its sheath and looked at it. "Kinda dorky looking though…"
"Enough! Get off of me!" Kinnara screamed. He tried to grab Ayasal, but grabbed the sword instead. He screamed in agony as the sword's metal burned his flesh. Kinnara dropped the sword and fell to his knees.
"Hmmm…." Ayasal jumped off the demon's shoulders and picked the sword up again. He tapped it on his shoulder and it burned through Kinnara's clothes. "Heh, neat trick. Take this then!" He slapped the cold metal on the side of Kinnara's cheek. The sword burned through his skin and Kinnara screamed again. "Serves you right!" Ayasal yelled over his screams.

Kinnara's hair started to turn blue again and the swords effect started to die back down. "Kieran!" Kiya cried as she saw the floppy eared boy fall to the ground.
"Huh." Ayasal nodded. He sat on his heels and poked Kieran. "Don't see that everyday."

"Kieran… Oh Kieran, please wake up…" Kieran heard Kiya's voice say. He moaned and sat up shakily.
"Ki-Kiya…?" His eyes drooped.
"Ah! Kieran!!" Kiya gasped and hugged him fiercely. "You're awake? Thank the gods!"
"Yo, dude, here's your sword." Ayasal dropped the sword in front of Kieran. "I'm Ayasal Karim. I saved your life. Where's my prize, bitch?"
"Uh… Wha-What?" Kieran shook his head. "I… I don't…"
"Damn. You mean I do something noble and don't get anything?! You guys suck." He scoffed. "Well, until you repay me, I'm coming with you on your journey."
"Gah! What?!"
"Kiya told me all about it, Kieran honey." Ayasal rolled his eyes. "I want to kill your father too, for killing mine."
"Uh.. O-Oh…" Kieran's head kept spinning. "Okay… I guess."
"Good." Ayasal sat down on the ground beside him. "Got any food?"
"Uh… Yeah…" Kieran pointed to a brown bag. "Its in there."
"Great." Ayasal snatched the bag and scarfed down all their food.

Who the hell is this guy? Kieran thought.