Laying on my bed I can hear the muffled yelling from the kitchen. The walls are just thick enough so I can only make out some of the words. I wince as I hear something shatter and sit up to survey my room. It's only slightly me, I don't spend most of my time at home. The walls are a bubblegum pink, and the trim, ceiling and door are all a tinted white. But most of the pink isn't seen. I have drawings and poems tacked up all over the walls. The floor is a dark hardwood, but I have a large black area rug, and my bed is a normal twin. The only things in my room other than my bed are the desk, bookcase and dresser. All of which are dark wood. I also have a closet, but it's fairly small. I wince once more as I hear something hit the wall with a loud thud and despite my disbelief send a quick prayer to God. Swinging my denim clad legs over the side of the bed I slip black sneakers onto my feet and pull a plain black hoodie over my head. I hear stomping as I assume my mother walks to the door.

These fights always go about the same. They start off in cold voices, turn to yelling and screaming. My Dad throws something or on occasion hits her. She storms out to go for a drive and comes back sometime later. When I was younger she used to take me with her. Taking a deep breath I pull my hair up into a ponytail and throw my black jansport backpack over my shoulder. The door slams and I quickly lock my door and move to the window. As my Mom slams the car door and starts the car my dad slams the front door and I unlatch my window. Mom pulls out of the driveway and I lift my window and sit on the edge. I reach my feet to the left and they rest on the top of the garage. Easily I slip through the window and get my balance before letting go and shutting it most of the way. The screens long gone, I've been sneaking out like this for years now.

Swiftly I jump down from thee top of the garage, it isn't such a long fall. As soon as I hit the ground I'm off running. I slow as I hit the corner of my street and begin to walk. On my way I began thinking. I could think of so many girls in my school who wished they were me, but they didn't know everything. I was fake in school. I was at the top of the food chain. Gorgeous is what they called me. I was about 5'4'', 120 pounds at most. My body was toned, but I did have a fast metabolism as well. In my free time I would hang out at the school gym, or in the school pool. I liked exercising, it kept my mind empty. I had light brown hair, or maybe dark blonde it depends on the light. My eyes were a blue. Not a sky blue but a frosty ice blue. With flecks of teal, dark blue and some gray. I had a slightly tan complextion. I wasn't baked but I wasn't ghostly either, I spent some time outside. Everybody at school thought my life was perfect, and they couldn't be more wrong.

I walked the next four blocks until I reach a park. It's old, slightly rundown. You can imagine the kids running around and the parents sitting at the picnic tables watching and conversing. The only other people there was a group of four boys, about my own age. I walk my way over to the swing and drop my backpack before sitting down. The chains to the swing feel cold as I wrap my hands around them, but they quickly warm up from my body heat. I close my eyes and slowly began to swing. Before I knew it I felt as if I was flying, I smiled despite the silent tears I'd noticed were dripping down my face. I was jerked into reality as someone grabbed my swing from behind. My eyes jerked open and I hopped off the swing. There was a boy with a fair complexion, dark brown hair and hazel eyes smiling at me. I glared.

"What do you want?" It's out of my mouth before I can stop it. He chuckes.

"Just seeing what a pretty girl like you could be crying about." I rolled my eyes.

"Look boy. What's upsetting me is none of your buisness. So back off and go hang out with your friends."

He didn't move, just grinned some more. It was annoying to say the least. His friends were staring at us, probably wondering what the hell he was doing. I didn't know what he was doing. He should just mind his own buisness, what goes on in my life has nothing to do with his. Besides I haven't seen him around before. So, how could he know me? He couldn't, simple as that. I knew everything about everyone around here, and if he lived here it'd be no different. With that thought running through my mind the only thing I could think to do was ask and I did just that. I could hear him laugh under his breath.

"I'm new around town. Starting school in a couple days. Name's Jake." The polite voice I had become so acustomed do for my everyday school life jumped into action, as did the plastic smile. I offered my hand which with a questioning look he shook.

"Alexandria. You'll figure out who I am when school starts. But as for now I would suggest attempting to stay on my good side and leaving now." He smirked.

"Drop the act princess. You were about to kick my ass three seconds ago. I know you don't like me." Shrugging, I dropped the act.

"It's a habit."

He seated himself on the swing next to the one I was on before. Calmly I sat on my own swing and drifted back and forth slowly. He didn't say anything, he didn't move. I think he was waiting for me to break the silence, to confess to him why I was crying. I wasn't gonna tell him and I wondered how long it would take him to figure that out. After a little while of a suprisingly comfortable silence he turned to me, I looked at him.

"I already knew who you were. My cousin told me to steer clear of you. I was wondering what you were doing here mostly, and a little bit why you were crying. From what I heard you were made of ice cold stone and plastic. I mean, this isn't the best part of town, and surely who you were made out to be wouldn't be crying over nothing." I just shrugged as an answer to his relatively unasked question.

"Would you mind if I smoked?" He looked suprised.

"Umm, no. Not really. You don't seem like the type though."

"Well, appearences are decieving."

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