AN: This is just a little addition to chapter 4 of my story The Heart of a Dragon. I put the song I'll never let this go by paramore to it because I had been listening to it when I wrote chapter four. hope you enjoy!

Aly dug her fingers into the soft ground, and continued to cry. She was angry; angry at Dominic and Mary for lying to her for all those years. How could they do that to her! Aly thought back to the day she had met her best friend.

A young girl stood in front of a couple, her eyebrows raised in surprise as she stared down the two new villagers. Her surprised expression quickly changed into a devious one. Her auburn hair looked as if her head was on fire as it fell wildly around her face. Her smile wasn't like her mother's; it was a toothless grin that gave off a childish aura. Her blue eyes focused on the little boy that hid behind Veronica's back. She was the first to speak.

"'Ey! I'm Aly! I'm fwo-no wait mommy said I'm fwive now!" Aly grinned and pointed to her parents. "Dats me mum right there! An-and zats me papa!" Aly turned back to Veronica staring up with her with innocent eyes.

The little boy had been, of course, Andrew, who was currently plopped down next to her silently consoling her by being here with her. Aly felt betrayed by, who she used to think were, her parents to the point were her heart was hurting.

Maybe, if my heart stopped beating
it wont hurt this much
and never will I have to
answer again to anyone
please don't get me wrong

Andrew placed one of his hands over Aly's small one. Aly looked up at her friend questionably, but he made no indication regarding the gesture. He continued to stare at the fish attempting to swim upstream; the fish looked like shining silver jewels in the moonlight.

"Aly?" Andrew asked.


"Think of it this way. Parents don't necessarily have to be the people who gave birth to you. Parents are really the people who raise you and take care of you. Teaching you stuff like what's good or what's bad. That's what a real parent is. I guess you could say Dominic is kind of like a dad to me too. Be lucky you have two people who care for you so much."

Aly wiped her eyes on her sleeve.

"Hey, Andrew?



"No Problem Aly."

One day you'll get sick of
saying everything is alright
And by then I'm sure I'll be pretending
just like I am tonight
Please don't get me wrong

"But I ha-have a question," Aly meekly began. "Don't you ever want to find your real Dad?"

"Yeah I do." Andrew faced her and smiled. "I'm going to go look for him one day!" Aly gripped his hand tighter.

"You got to bring me! Please don't leave me here!" She waved her free hand franticly. "I want to explore! I want to see all of Entrolith!" Andrew stroked his chin with his other hand.

"I don't know…taking a girl on journeys is supposed to be bad luck, and I don't want any of that." His eyes peeked from under his mop of hair. His silver eyes were dancing with amusement from underneath his bangs.


"Ow! What the hell was that for?!"

"For being so mean!"

Then I'll never let this go
That I can't find the words to tell you
That I don't feel that I know you

Andrew turned his head towards the river.

"It's not that bad, Aly. You may feel like they lied to you and that now they are just strangers but they are still the ones who take care of you."

"I can't call them Mom or Dad now. It'll feel too weird for me." Andrew jumped up; began to drag the sad little redhead away from the river.



"I SAID NO MORE OR I'M GOING TO STICK YOUR FACE IN HORSE POO!" Aly withdrew her hand to her chest. Her face mortified at the very thought of having her face planted in horse manure.

"…fine, but only because that's really gross."

Let this go
Let this go