AN: I've decided to make this a collection of one-shots concerning my story Dragon Heart. They aren't necessary to read, but they do give you a little more insight on the character. This chapter is about Ires and his mother.

It's a song fic.

Song- "At a Glance" by AFI

No haven now as I watch it pour from everywhere.
Just like the storm that has come out of thin air.
Gentle caresses, just as paper thin -frail and only- lack the strength to hold.

The air that morning was heavy, as if nature was screaming danger into the open air. Ires wiped his eyes on his sleeves as he peered up at his mother through his green eyes. Something wasn't right. The sky rumbled overhead, letting a thunderbolt strike against the earth somewhere near by.

"What's going on momma?" he asked. She peered down at her son and smiled warmly.

"A celebration in your honor, Ires. So the world can see how truly….unique you are." He shifted his head away from his mother as the wind began to pick up and brush his orange hair to the side. Though the look his mother gave him was sweet; the truth behind her façade was hideous. It had been years since he had seen her true smile. As much as she tried to hide her anger towards her pumpkin-headed child, her eyes gave showed her actual emotion to the 'thing' she had given birth to. Up until he turned five she had hidden him indoors, claiming to have had a miscarriage of her child. He dimly recalled those days when she cared for him…

"Momma?" A five year old tugged on the hem of his mother's skirt. In his left hand he held a poorly made rag doll that served to be his only friend since his mother rarely let him play outside. "Why can't I play with the other children?"

"Because you're just so cute that I want you all to myself!"

"Then why can't I go outside?" Ires persisted.

"Because I love you so much I don't want other people to see you!"

Ires tan eyebrows drew together in a frown. Had that been the truth? He recalled the day before his sixth birthday; the first day he snuck to the outside world. The place where he always believed things would be better. Though, that day, changed his life forever. The world he believed in for so long, turned out to be a world that was not so pleasant; especially towards him. He often imagined that when he was finally allowed to play with the children outside, they would accept him without any hesitation. They would find a new leader in him, the boy that had been locked away.

"Would I be standing here today if I had chosen not to go against mother's rules?"

Ires tucked his hair into a tan hat that he had found amongst his father's things. He hardly recognized himself in the mirror. He tip toed carefully past his napping mother, and through the front door of his home. Today would be the day he'd play with the children and be a new person in their eyes. He jogged up to a familiar group of children who had been playing within eye view of his home for many years. Secretly, Ires envied them. He envied that they could walk outside free without worries of being seen. Just like he imagined they accepted him as one of them without hesitation. They quickly asked if he would want to join in their game of tag. Soon all of his worries were erased and he felt as if he had no care in the world. For the first time in his life, he got to be a child. A young girl locked on him as her target and began to chase after the boy with the tan hat. She giggled while stretching her arms out to catch him. She stumbled on a bump in the road and fell forward on top of Ires, freeing his wild orange hair from the confines of his little, tan hat. Every man and woman on the streets stopped dead in their tracks as they all examined the hideous monster with their watchful eyes. He continued to giggle until he met the eyes of every person who was staring him down. His laugh began to die away, and Ires scrambled to retrieve his hat; proceeded to scamper away from the scene.

At that moment in time, he had no idea what that had meant. He had no clue as to why everyone stared at him with such a shocked expression. Years later he would come to realize that it was because he was different. He was different from everyone else, and that being different was not a good thing.

"So Heras…this orange monster is your doing?" the man asked in a dreary tone. Ires sorrowfully met the eyes of his mother and silently pleaded for her to save him.

"No." Ires's green eyes widen in a hysterical shock. He begged for forgiveness for sneaking out of the house.

Why can't I play with the other children?"

"Because you're just so cute that I want you all to myself!"

"Then why can't I go outside?"

"Because I love you so much I don't want other people to see you!"

The words of false accounts of love swam through his mind. She had never loved him; she had been ashamed of him. She had hid him away for so long because she did not want others to see the creature she had birthed.

What if could go to sleep for days, would you count the hours,
or would your restlessness consume fading memories of me?
Fall into open arms that offer their protection.
Quick to deny that their open to deceit.

He willingly let her drag him by the collar up what seemed to be a stage. Nervously he glanced at the thickening crowd. What celebration could this be? His mother idly stroked his pumpkin hair as he wandered off in thought. He could remember a time when he was able to trust her, able to look into her eyes and trust her. Before it was even announced, he knew the truth of this day. He knew what she had brought him here for. Ires was to be murdered because he was different. Sometimes it was just better to believe the lies. He childishly believed that he could trust his mother, that she loved him. As hard as he tried to delude himself with hope he grimly wondered how many mothers did this to their child. Calmly watched as their child was sentenced to death, but then again he was a monster.

Long to believe that support will never cease. Bitter and lonely, those they've left before.
The vibrant heart so quickly growing old, the warmest eyes so quickly growing cold.
Just a glance for they don't care to see what becomes of me.

The next chapter of DH will be out soon, I just need to finish the last part of it.