Dedicated to Mysticwhitewolf

My Star

I miss you so much.

Sometimes I can't breathe.

Our time together isn't much.

Yet still you're a part of me.

You listen to every word I say.

You see my pain and then…

You heal me in the best way you know how,

By taking me in your arms, you can

Restore everything that has fallen apart.

Make everything old, now again new.

You do this by saying sweet words to me.

You do this by being my friend, God Bless You.

I hope we do get closer.

I look forward to it everyday.

You appreciate me like none other.

I'm amazed by the words you say.

You're beautiful beyond comprehension.

And your personality is the best.

I can't believe I used to be jealous of you.

Man, God really put me to the test.

Hold me forever.

Tell me, it's all right.

Believe in me, when no one will.

It's a lot, but you're my light.

No onebefore couldhandle this much.

They'd distance themselves, once they felt my gentle touch.

But I believe that you are different.

And hopefully you are.

Your reaction to this poem will prove it.

I love you, you're my star.